Tenesol: Divide solar RD focus

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Tenesol reflects on the current state of solar technology and R&D.

Tenesol is the largest manufacturer of PV modules in France. It is also one of the few solar power companies that took part in Hannover Messe 2011, the world’s foremost technology event.

Following the event, which took place 4 – 8 April 2011, Tenesol reflects on the current state of solar technology and R&D. Engin Yaman, general manager of Tenesol in Germany, says: “Hannover Messe 2011 showed that there is an abundance of advanced technology available to make the world more energy efficient.

“Further developing such technology is important but the industry’s focus should also be on promoting what we can already do.

“Like many renewable energy technologies, solar power has been under development for years. At Tenesol, we invest in R&D to further the technology but we also develop practical solutions that help and encourage businesses and consumers to invest in a PV system.

“For example, we recently launched an innovative rooftop installation product line that not only conforms to specific regulatory demands but is completely watertight. It has also been designed to benefit from the highest possible FiT in certain European countries, increasing its return on investment. Product like these increases capabilities and enable the customer to get more from the sun.

“We have also developed a range of products specifically for architects called TE Lumex Design. These are custom made dual-glass modules that give architects the freedom to create unique PV and building designs. It removes the limitations they face when they have to install standard, off-the-shelf PV modules. It allows them to incorporate a unique PV system in their architectural plans. The product also helps clients create a green image for their business.

“Working with architects in this way is not new for Tenesol, but just our latest innovation. We are always looking to develop the necessary products to meet our market’s needs and expectations.
“In short, solar technology must still be improved but our focus should be divided between the development of future systems and the implementation of systems we can already deliver.”

About Tenesol
A rapidly expanding global player in the field of solar energy (with a turnover of €300 million in 2010, which has increased 25% per year for three years), Tenesol works on behalf of businesses, local uthorities and private individuals. For more than 27 years, Tenesol has been engineering, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating solar energy systems. Its services cover systems that produce or consume the energy they generate (off-grid sites, electricity grid connected, solar water heating) for customers around the globe. A benchmark player in its sector, Tenesol currently has a staff of over 1,000 employees across 24 subsidiaries including two production facilities, one in Toulouse (France), the other in Cape Town (South Africa).

For more information, please visit: http://www.tenesol.com/?lang=en.

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