TankDepot.co.uk reports growing interest in Biodiesel and Bioheating Oil

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Interest in Biodiesel and Bioenergy continues to grow, despite current economic conditions

That’s the conclusion of online fuel oil storage tank specialist TankDepot.co.uk, following the company’s attendance at the European Bioenergy Exhibition & Conference (EBEC) held recently at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry

TankDepot.co.uk partnered with UK fuel oil storage tank specialist Harlequin, for Europe’s largest bioenergy event alongside a host of other well known names including Brites, Filtertechnik, Fuchs Lubricants, The Daily Telegraph, The Environment Agency and Volvo. TankDepot.co.uk and Harlequin were advising attendees of the importance of environmentally responsible fuel storage and promoting Harlequin’s range of regulatory compliant Biofuel Station and Biobund Biodiesel and Bioheating Oil Tanks.

“There was strong interest from visitors in our Biofuel Station range.” says Harlequin’s Marketing Manager, John Switzer.

“There was strong interest from visitors in our Biofuel Station range.” says Harlequin’s Marketing Manager, John Switzer.

“Biodiesel is a specialist fuel, which requires specialist containment. It is not suitable for storage in fuel tanks manufactured from traditional oil tank polymers. All Harlequin Biofuel Stations are therefore manufactured from a specialist polymer, designed for long term exposure to Biodiesel blends of up to B100 and produced in accordance with EN14214 .

“Fully bunded, regulatory compliant and supplied complete with electric pump, delivery hose and Harlequin Biofuel Stations are ideal for the dispensing of Biodiesel fuel at agricultural, commercial and industrial installations. When installed by a competent person in accordance with supplied instructions, they can assist in achieving compliance with prevailing environmental regulations including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and The Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006.”

TankDepot.co.uk Director Steve Beech also reported a significant increase in enquiries for tanks suitable for Bioheating Oil. This follows the first trials of renewable heating oil in East Anglia earlier this year and reports that renewable heating oil blends may be commercially available in the UK, within the next 12 to 18 months,

“Recent renewable heating oil field trials have certainly caught the public’s imagination and there was a noticeable and definite increase in enquiries for Bioheating Oil Tanks at EBEC 2009. Most of these enquiries originated from within the domestic heating sector as people seek to switch either from traditional heating oil, or upgrade their heating systems from LPG, to a more environmentally responsible fuel source.

“Like Biodiesel, Bioheating Oil is a specialist fuel which requires specialist containment. Harlequin’s Biobund range is ideal for the long term storage of renewable heating oil and is manufactured in the UK, from the same specialist polymer as the Biofuel Station range. Supplied complete with an environmentally preferred top outlet as standard, Harlequin Biobunds have been engineered to exceed the most demanding British and European requirements.

As a result of the success of the company’s attendance at EBEC, Steve predicts continued growth for the company’s range of Biodiesel and Bioheating Oil Tanks.

“Renewable heating oil in particular provides a tremendous growth opportunity for the oil heating industry. Independent research has already proven that oil heating appliances are frequently more efficient than ‘natural’ gas, solid fuel and LPG alternatives. Renewable heating provides an opportunity for homeowners and householders to combine the unrivalled and proven efficiency of heating oil, with a renewable, low carbon and affordable fuel choice.”

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