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Talesun Solar signs a 26MW manufacturing agreement with Nice Corporation

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Zhongli Talesun Solar Co., Ltd. has signed a 26MW manufacturing agreement with Nice Corporation recently, which signaled Zhongli Talesun’s successful entry into the Japanese PV market. According to the contract, Zhongli Talesun will provide at least 26MW high quality solar modules with Talesun brand. The products mainly refer to Poly-crystalline Module TP660P and Mono-crystalline Module TP572M.

Nice Corporation is a listed company based in Japan. It principally engaged in the construction materials business and real estate business. Since the great East Japan
Earthquake, Nice Corporation has been bringing clean and renewable solar power to Japan, especially promoting the application of household solar power system. President of Nice Cooperation- Mr. Koichiro Hirata said: ‘After long-term investigation and contact, we’re quite confident about Talesun’s quality and totally appreciate their pragmatic style and the ideal of ‘customer-first’. We believe that Zhongli Talesun will have a quick boost in Japanese market as their PV modules are definitely comparable to the domestic products.’

Mr. Qi Fujun,Zhongli Talesun’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing said: ‘The Japanese PV market is expanding vigorously at present. The cooperation with Nice Corporation fully explained Zhongli Talesun is successfully recognized by the Japanese client. Nice Corporation will not only fully assist Talesun in advancing into the Japanese market, but will also promote Talesun’s brand image. We’re looking forward to the substantial development and further cooperation.’

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About Zhongli Talesun

Zhongli Talesun is an internationally operating premium producer of solar modules and cells for the private and industrial sectors. The company’s 210,000m², fully automated production plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu will reach a production capacity of 1.5 GW by the end of 2012. Zhongli Talesun has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Munich and San Jose. More information under: www.talesun.com.

Simone Lintermann
Talesun Solar Germany GmbH
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