A year after having the solar PV system commissioned on the roof of our office building, we decided to analyse the true returns generated from a system using quality products. We were surprised and pleased at what we found, considering that we had one of the wettest years on record!

Revenue & Savings

FIT Tariff £7,269.55 £6,872.60 £7,071.14
Export Tariff £446.25 £421.88 £434.07
Total Revenue £7,715.79 £7,294.47 £7,505.20
Energy Bill Savings £3,000 £3000 £3000
1st Year’s Payback £10,715.79 £10,294.47 £10,505.20
Payback time based on
1st year’s figures

4.2 Years!


As you can see from the data, our system not only out performed SMA Sunny Design and PV Sol forecasts, but is on track to pay itself back in 4.2 years! This is what happens when your system is installed by a trusted company using quality products.

Installer JHS Solar
Modules 88 x Suntech 250
Inverters 2 x SMA STP 10000TL
System Size 22.00 kWp
Installation Type Pitched trapezoidal roof
Mounting System K2 Speedrail System
Location: Swan Business Centre, Chiswick

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