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SunMizer(TM) Shade Mitigation Tool for Solar Modules to be Introduced in EU at Intersolar Europe 2010

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SunMizer Increases Solar Power Harvest When Installed ONLY on Shaded Solar Modules.

Xandex Inc. and European subsidiary Xandex B.V. will introduce the new SunMizer(TM) shade mitigation tool for photovoltaic modules to the European solar energy industry at Intersolar Europe 2010 in Munich, Germany, June 9-11 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, in booth A4-181.

SunMizer is a shade mitigation tool that increases solar energy harvest by recovering power that is lost when shade falls on a solar module. By isolating the shaded solar module(s) from the rest of the modules in a series connected string, SunMizer prevents the shaded panel from drawing down the power output of the non-shaded modules. At the same time, SunMizer harvests power from the shaded module and contributes that power to the string. The result is recovered power that would normally be lost due to shade.

“SunMizer is a true plug-and-play tool offering installers a simple and reliable approach to increasing power for systems with shade exposure,” said Tim Kubes, Solar Products Sales and Marketing Director for Xandex Inc. “With selective installation only on shaded modules, SunMizer costs less to install and requires less than 10% of the components of competing systems resulting in the best value for our customers.”

SunMizer is UL 1741 and GS/ CE safety certified and ships with a limited 20 year warranty that includes a provision for replacement labor. SunMizer is available in 48 VDC and 80 VDC models that make it ideal for use with nearly all mono and multi-crystalline solar modules. For more information visit http://www.sunmizer.com

About Xandex Inc. Solar Division

The Xandex Inc. Solar Division designs and manufactures products for the global solar energy industry. Xandex Inc. was founded as a technology startup in 1981 to design and manufacture innovative solutions for the semiconductor test and packaging industry. Continuing in that tradition of technological innovation, the Solar Division’s mission is to be a premier provider of solar energy solutions worldwide by undertaking research and development projects to improve PV conversion efficiency, reduce the cost of solar electricity and increase adoption of solar electric systems. For more information visit http://www.xandex.com

About Xandex B.V.

Formed in the fall of 2008, Xandex B.V. is the newest addition to Xandex Inc. Xandex B.V. represents Xandex in solar product distribution, supply chain and OEM relations in the European Union. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Xandex B.V. is perfectly situated to act as the Xandex representative in this area, providing a direct link into the rapid growth areas for solar PV installation and technology development in the EU. For more information visit http://www.xandex.nl

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