Sungrow, the world‘’s leading PV inverter manufacturer, has successfully held a series of energy storage training roadshows in Australia aimed at promoting its next generation hybrid inverter SH5K+ which has gained wide attention across the continent.

The roadshows, started September 20 hosted by Sungrow Australia Group and its authorized distributor, One Stop Warehouse, comprised of five training sessions across Australia and received significant interest from attendees all over the country.


With rapidly declining battery costs coupled with the end of the premium feed-in tariffs in some states at the end of the year, massive opportunities are expected to emerge in the Australian energy storage market. The completely redesigned SH5K+, a residential storage system solution launched in October, meets local market requirements and outperforms other hybrid inverters in terms of reliability, quality and cost. It is best characterized by features such as, up to 5 kW of off-grid Emergency Power Supply (EPS), forced battery charge from the grid, customizable battery usage/discharge time and its WiFi monitoring function.

Fueled by its Crystal Series string inverters and SH5K hybrid inverters, Sungrow has now become the third largest PV inverter supplier in Australia, owning 10% market share having grown from just 1% in 2015. “We are committed to continued technical innovation of solar inverters and other core products for our Australian partners, and hope to continue being a technology leader for the solar industry.” said Professor Renxian Cao, President of Sungrow.

Source: Sungrow

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