Sungrow delivered inverter selection guide in Solar & Off-grid Renewables Conference in Thailand

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Sungrow, one of the leading PV-inverter manufacturers in the world, successfully closed its two-day agenda in Solar & Off-grid Renewables Southeast Asia at Bangkok, Thailand, during which it delivered inverter selection guide to all presents, especially unveiled its energy storage system to all potential customers, announcing to expand to a new range for Southeast Asia market.

As the third consecutive session, Solar & Off-grid Renewables Southeast Asia gathered solar PV companies looking to secure profitable business across the booming Southeast Asian market. Seizing this opportunity, the vice president of Sungrow, William Zhou, also shared some inverter selection experience with present organizations, international financial institutions, local banks, private equity firms and international development companies. During the speech, he reiterated that Sungrow always carried out the ideology of providing the best suitable inverter models according to project local condition, such as landforms, national policies, O&M cost and practicality. He systematically analyzed some pros and cons using central or string inverters in terms of initial investment, O&M cost and return, giving plentiful inspiration to the audience, who also would have a better understanding on Sungrow’s all series of PV inverters as well as energy storage systems after this.
Sungrow’s full series of PV products have reached 99% this year, reaching the highest PV inverter peak efficiency for commercial use. Having achieved more than 200MW signed contract in Thailand and another several hundreds of MW in other Southeast Asian regions, Sungrow has shown firm progress in global expansion, either in terms of targeted markets or in product range.

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