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Stockport Housing Association saves 922 tonnes of carbon with solar PV installation

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Stockport Homes Ltd has brought clean energy to its housing association residents with the installation of 2,000 domestic solar PV kits, featuring time- and cost-saving mounting system technology from TRITEC UK.

This large-scale solar energy project formed part of the ‘Stockport Homes Shine’ initiative to address fuel poverty and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of every suitable housing association home had the potential to deliver much-needed free electricity to residents, while also providing a return on investment to Stockport Homes, via the government’s Feed-In Tariffs scheme.

Ready-to-go solar

However, Stockport Homes was well aware that the project would only prove successful if the installation could be brought in on time and on budget. For assistance, Stockport Homes turned to solar panel installation specialist, The Green Electrician Group, and its ‘GreenKit’ distribution division .

GreenKit is unique in that it can provide predesigned kits containing everything an organisation needs to begin generating solar power – from testing equipment to mounting systems. Best-quality mounting frames and fixings from TRITEC, included in the GreenKit PV packs, allowed Stockport Homes’ PV systems to be installed quickly and easily on a range of different surface types – pitched roofs, flat roofs, building exteriors and ground arrays.

Reducing installation time

“Following a successful trial installation, 2,000 2kW domestic solar PV kits , were installed across Stockport Homes’ housing stock,” comments Rupert Higgin, Managing Director of The Green Electrician Group. “The installation time was greatly reduced as a result of the predesigned PV kits from GreenKit and the cutting-edge technology from companies like TRITEC.”

“The Stockport Homes installation proves that large-scale solar projects need not be a headache,” comments Steve Griffiths, Sales and Marketing Director at TRITEC UK. “Taking advantage of available technology can ensure an installation is delivered on time and on budget. Mounting systems like TRI-STAND Aero, with its skilfully-designed aerodynamic shape, put considerably less weight on roofs than conventional module supports. This kind of innovation can make all the difference in achieving cost-effectiveness from solar PV.”

Clean energy and carbon savings

The energy-saving results of Stockport Homes’ solar PV project have been staggering. The housing association is now producing 1.7GWh of clean electricity every year, which translates to an annual saving of 922 tonnes of CO2.

Stockport Homes estimates that each household is saving 20–30% on its electricity bills – around £130 per year! The tenants are obviously happy about it, too. They returned satisfaction results of 100% after the first 100 complete installations.

What’s more, Stockport Homes is able to use its guaranteed Feed-in Tariff payments to fund more projects to further improve the energy-efficiency of its housing stock. The result? A truly virtuous cycle.


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