STi Norland Begins the Construction of 35MW Photovoltaics in Israel

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STi Norland consolidates its international expansion with these projects.

The Navarre company Soluciones Técnicas Integrales Norland (STi Norland) has started the construction of five photovoltaic projects located in the Negev desert (in the kibbutzim of Maslul, Shoval, Yotvata, Grofit, and Elifaz) which will have a total installed capacity of 35.5MW.

The projects -developed by Arava Power Company (APC)- comprise a total investment of almost 500 million shekels (100 million euros) and has been funded -among others- by Midgal Insurance Company, Bank Hapoalim, and Amitim. In 2012, APC named Siemens Israel as general contractor (EPC) of the projects.

Also in 2012, Siemens Israel awarded STi Norland a contract to supply of 6.115 STi-F5 fixed structures, foundations’ implementation, and mechanical assembly of the structures and the 122.300 PV modules included in the projects. STi Norland’s scope will reach a local content of almost 100%.

The five projects will become operational in summer 2013 and are part of the emerging photovoltaic industry in the country that –until now- is characterized by small facilities where the most representative is Ketura Sun, the first commercial 5MW photovoltaic project promoted by APC and built by Siemens Israel which was commissioned in 2011.

STi Norland adds up these 35.5MW to its track record totaling over 185MW of accumulated experience since 2002. The company has today an additional portfolio of over 125MW photovoltaic projects under development which will be built between 2013 and 2014. Its wide track record and existing portfolio’s consolidate STi Norland’s international position as one of the industry leaders.

STi Norland designs and manufactures fixed structures and solar trackers; designs and implements foundations; and carries out mechanical assembly of structures, trackers and photovoltaic modules. It’s experience includes projects in countries as diverse as Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic, France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Chile to which now Israel is added.

STi Norland’s which headquarters are located in Pamplona (Spain), has also a Research & Development office in Vitoria (Spain), and a solar tracker assembly factory in Badajoz (Spain). The company also has 100% owned subsidiaries in Chile, Israel, and South Africa.

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