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Launched in January 2012, our NEW 'Spotlight' feature will provide all agencies, companies and organisations the perfect platform for all your news, products, reports and industry press.

Every Tuesday, our industry leading e-Newsletter ‘Renewables Today’ is sent to 75,000+ renewable energy subscribers globally. Following hundreds of requests from agencies and companies alike to offer both guaranteed and featured content on our e-Newsletters, the NEW ‘Spotlight’ section of our newsletters has been launched to highlight your news and information to our opted-in subscribers.

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There are 3 types of news that can be published within the Spotlight news section: ‘Industry Press’, ‘Featured Products’ and ‘Event Highlights’. With over 440 Spotlight items still available in 2012, contact us today with your chosen option from the rate card below:

Annual Spotlight Pass: $999

Feature your news or products for 12 months within unlimited issues of your e-Newsletter of choice. Only 1 insertion per e-Newsletter, per week.

6 Month Spotlight Pass: $699

Publish your news for 6 months with unlimited Spotlight issues, limited to 1 insertion per issue/week.

Quarterly Spotlight Pass: $399

3 Month all access Spotlight pass to post your company news, feature products and event attendances.

Monthly Spotlight Pass: $199

Choose up to 5 issues of Renewables Today and or a network e-Newsletter to feature your announcements and drive attention to your company information.

Single News Spotlight: $99

Post your news within the next issue of the e-Newsletter of choice. As with all options above, choose from our industry leading titles including ‘Renewables Today’, ‘Bioenergy Today’, ‘Cogeneration Today’, ‘Photovoltaics Today’, ‘Solar Thermal Today’ and ‘Wind Energy Today’.

Where does my news item appear?

Your news item, product or event news will appear in all relevant e-Newsletters titles relating to your business. For example, if you were to publish a news item regarding your new, shiny PV panels, the item will appear in:

Photovoltaics Today: A single appearance in every issue for the entire duration of your package (you can change each news item). For Single News Spotlights, this will appear just once under ‘Featured Products’.
World of Photovoltaics.com: Your news will appear live and indefinitely across WoPV.com. Publish news, announce event attendance and promote your products to our industry dedicated subscribers.
World of Renewables.com: As above, your news item(s) will appear across the industry sectors of your choice. On average, each article that appears on WoR.com delivers over 10k impressions during its lifetime.

If you would like to discuss our new Spotlight opportunity, or any other feature or promotion with our Sales team, Please contact us directly using the details below:

Switchboard: +44 (0) 1268 574400

Sales dept: +44 (0) 1268 931800

Alternatively, you can email us: sales@pangeadigital.com

To register for your free annual press pass for your business or agency, please submit your interest by completing our Press Pass Application form below. You can register your interest in our Spotlight feature when completing your details to receive your Free Press Pass.


Kind regards,

Editorial Division

Pangea Digital Media Ltd

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