South Dale wind farm test mast to be taken down

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A test wind mast on the site of a proposed new wind farm to the south west of Hunmanby is set to be taken down.

Banks Renewables put up the 80m test mast in late 2011 as part of its development work around the planned South Dale Wind Farm, which would be situated on agricultural land to the west of the village.

The mast was erected in order to gather wind data which is needed as part of the development of the site and to help identify the most appropriate type of turbines for use in the scheme.

Having now recorded all the information that is required, it will be removed from the site by the middle of February by Banks, who are currently continuing to examine the options for the wind farm’s development.

Phil Dyke, development director at Banks Renewables, says: “The data that has been gathered by the test mast has been extremely useful within the overall wind farm design process, and now that we have recorded all the required information, we are preparing to take it off the site.

“Work on the project is continuing, and we will ensure we communicate any landmarks that we reach to the local community and all interested parties.

“Modern, efficient, indigenous onshore wind farms have a crucial role to play in generating the energy that we all use without producing any harmful carbon emissions, and their construction also brings a range of tangible commercial, community and employment benefits to the areas in which they are located.”

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