Solimpeks installs Turkey’s largest on-roof PV plant

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In a project managed by its Commercial Projects subsidiary Seiso, Solimpeks is currently installing a 500kWp plant in the south of Turkey.


The plant is expected to open in early May.


The booming town of Burdur is the venue of the biggest on-roof PV installation the country has ever seen. The modules will cover the factory building of Mercan Mermer (translated into English as ‘Coral Marble’), a high profile commercial stone maker.


2,120 Panasonic HIT N235 modules have been delivered to the site and are now in the process of being mounted. With the module’s high efficiency and excellent behavioural characteristics in hot climates, the system is expected to generate a peak 500kW of clean, emission free electricity to be used in the factory’s production process, and give an estimated annual output of 900,000kWh. Using the high end Panasonic brand HIT panels is consistent with the client’s priority of offsetting most of its energy requirements.


For inverters, Seiso is using 18 x Power One TRIO-27.6-TL. More ‘Turkish Firsts’ are in the project, including a bespoke mounting kit and roof attachment hooks, both designed by Seiso.


This project represents an exciting evolution for both Solimpeks and the Turkish PV market. For Turkey, it’s a big step towards showing that it has the capability to compete on a global scale in the world’s fastest growing major industry. For Solimpeks and its Seiso brand, becoming an official Panasonic HIT distributor is a decisive step towards diversification and an extension of the quality that Solimpeks customers have come to expect.


Solimpeks has been in the solar industry for nearly 35 years and is one of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of Solar Thermal collectors, produces the most economic Thermosiphon system available and is home to the most advanced commercially viable Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel in the world.


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