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SolarKindle Lighted Cover

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Keep Your Kindle Safe, Powered and Illuminated.

The first solar book cover for the Amazon Kindle e-reader takes an environmentally friendly approach to enhancing form and utility. The SolarKindle Lighted Cover is designed to look smart and feel great in your hands without being bulky or heavy. The form-fitted cover keeps your Kindle safe from damage while discretely adding functionality with a built-in solar panel that charges the reserve battery for the LED reading light while also providing extra power to the Kindle. And best of all, the reading light draws power from the reserve battery, not the Kindle, so you won’t have to worry about draining your Kindle’s battery.

Light Your Kindle Any time You Need To

The cover’s built-in LED reading light is available anytime you need it, and provides unparalleled coverage and illumination over the entire surface of the Kindle, reaching 800 lux at the center of the screen. The reading light turns on automatically when released from its housing, and automatically turns off when pressed back into place, or when the Kindle goes into sleep mode. Most importantly, the LED reading light only draws power from the reserve battery, never from the Kindle itself.

Using the Cover

Your Kindle is easily secured to the cover simply by slipping it into the form-fitting interior case and pressing it into place – that’s it! No other straps, latches, or catches are used to hold your Kindle firmly in the cover.

Removing the Kindle from the case is just as easy – simply insert a small, thin, non-metallic object into one of the slots on the side of the case and gently release the Kindle.

Expose the solar panel to sunlight, or shade and your Kindle will be constantly charging. After fully charging the Kindle, the solar panel automatically switches to charge the reserve battery. When charging, the LED indicator light blinks green. Charging times will vary depending on the intensity of available sunlight, but a one hour charge in direct sunlight can provide almost three days worth of reading time on your Kindle. For optimum performance, use the solar panel to continuously charge your Kindle – don’t wait for the battery to run out of power before recharging.

For more on this article: http://www.solarmio.com/en/SolarKindleLightedCover.aspx

Source: SolarFocus

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