Solar Farm – 48.7MW Shovel Ready Project to be acquired

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Innovative Solar 41, is a totally approved and ready for construction 48.7MW solar farm project to be built in Garland, NC and brought on line sometime in 2015. This is one of many large scale projects that Innovative Solar Systems based in Asheville, NC has developed in the state as part of the company’s large portfolio of grid tied projects. A project of this magnitude will not only create jobs but will also add tax revenue to this area of the state. When few industries are bringing new jobs into the United States it is always a welcome attraction to see companies like ISS expanding, adding jobs, providing clean cost effective energy and additional tax base to a vital U.S. economy.

IS41 will be home to approximately 200,000 state of the art and very efficient solar panels to produce the almost 50MW of AC electricity that will be delivered to the grid through transmission power lines at the site. Advanced Energy has been chosen to as the inverter supplier on this project due to improved life cycle costs, overall reliability and warranty. Negotiations are in process with tier one solar panel companies and a decision should be forth coming once prices, terms and delivery schedules from various companies bidding on this project are reviewed. Few companies in the U.S. have the experience and track record of ISS when dealing with large scale, transmission grid tied projects of this nature.

Investors see many benefits to these large projects states CEO John Green of Innovative Solar Systems. All costs go down substantially when you develop and build a project this large states Green. ISS has developed almost a 1 Gigawatt of solar farm projects in NC alone over the past year and has expanded into many new states as they finish up the large cluster of projects in NC. The company has also expanded from developing not only its own in house projects but also now offers development services on a flat fee basis to entities seeking to get large projects developed all across the U.S. and abroad. Contact Innovative Solar Systems today at (828)-215-9064 to inquire about pricing and terms on currently available solar farm projects for sale.


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