GE and Vestas Top list of Top 10 Turbine Manufacturers

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SNL Energy release turbine manufacturer rankings and report, complete with cumulative market share & projected 2012 market share charts.

Wind energy is developing across the U.S. at a rapid pace. Turbine manufacturer rankings show a shake-up in the making for the companies expected to dominate market share by year-end.

General Electric Co. leads wind turbine manufacturers for installed capacity and project pipeline. Nearly 40% of operating wind capacity uses its turbines, putting General Electric well ahead of its competitors in this measure of market share. With an average turbine size of 1.5 MW, GE has 12,519 installed turbines, amounting to 18,873 MW. Since 2011, close to 1,500 GE turbines were brought into commercial operations across the country. Currently, 2,695 MW of new capacity using the company’s turbines is under construction.

A distant second in this measure of market share is the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems A/S. About 9,000 MW, or 19%, of operational wind capacity in the U.S. uses Vestas turbines, but the company’s share in future installations is not so high. Ranked fourth among its peers for the wind projects under development, the company has about 4,000 MW of future capacity on the horizon.

Siemens AG ranks third for current installations but has the second-largest amount of new capacity under development, at more than 3,000 MW. The company already has more than 2,500 wind turbines with an average size of about 2 MW generating electricity.

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has installed about 3,300 turbines, adding approximately 3,500 MW to the grid and putting it fourth among manufacturers. While the company does have a 7% market share in the installed capacity, it does not appear to be actively engaged in new projects. The company dropped plans for a new U.S. wind turbine factory in Arkansas earlier in 2012 and remains caught in a patent dispute with GE. Mitsubishi, with 722 MW of new projects, ranks at No. 8 for its project pipeline. If these projects come online as expected, there should be about 84 more Mitsubishi turbines generating electricity at the end of 2012.

Just shy of Mitsubishi’s capacity is the Indian turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy Ltd., which ranks fifth, with installed capacity of 3,300 MW. The numbers includes the consolidated capacity of its subsidiary, REpower systems AG. Suzlon ranks at No. 6 on the new project pipeline, with capacity of 1,600 MW in different stages of development.

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