Smaller – Lighter – More Power – Enecsys unleashes third generation field-configurable micro inverter to fuel AC Module growth

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Building upon Enecsys’s ability to reliably scale power and reduce package size through its patented technology, the 250NL is 42% lighter and 48% less volume compared to the second generation product, supporting most 60 cell modules up to 300W standard test conditions (STC). Greater power density translates to industry leading lower handling costs to module manufacturers and installers.

“The design is actually smaller than some residential home routers,” says Mike Fister, CEO. “It is an extension of the micro inverter product continuum, further enabling a higher level of module integration.”

Enecsys micro inverters are designed and tested for high reliability, matching PV module life expectancy, enabled by a unique and patented energy storage technique that eliminates use of typical life-limiting components. At 260W peak and 250W continuous output, the 250NL operates over the entire extended temperature range (-40°C to 85°C), managing some of the most challenging rooftop environments with no de-rating for temperature, maximizing energy harvest.

“The global residential rooftop and light commercial solar market segments remain robust and our next generation Enecsys micro inverter is optimized to fuel the growth with its power and size,” commented Mr. Fister.

The enhanced Communications Gateway field-configures the 250NL which allows one part number to be used for Europe, Australia, and North America. Ease of use and reduced system set-up time is achieved by the menu-driven touch screen providing step-by-step instructions and diagnostics.

Availability for the 250NL and enhanced Communications Gateway is immediate.