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Six Doosan Fuel Cells Go Live at South Korean Utility Company

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Two of the hottest global markets for fuel cell growth are the United States and Korea, a trend amplified by today’s announcement that six powerplants from Doosan Fuel Cell (Doosan), headquartered in Connecticut, have gone live at the Korean South East Power Co. Ltd (KOSEP) facility in Ansan, a suburb of the capital city of Seoul. The half-dozen Doosan PureCell Model 400 fuel cells are providing 2.6 megawatts of clean energy and heat to the local electric grid and KOSEP customers.

Ansan is the second Doosan-KOSEP partnership; seven PureCell systems were installed in 2013 at the KOSEP plant in Bundang, a Seoul suburb.

“Doosan’s fuel cells are leading the industry in dependability and proven performance,” says KOSEP Deputy General Manager Hoan-O Sung. “With seven PureCell Model 400 fuel cells already providing power at our Bundang facility, we are confident the additional fuel cells will add value and sustainability to our energy portfolio.”

Overall, Doosan has six projects in South Korea totaling 35 active fuel cells, which equates to over 15 megawatts (MW) of electricity generation. They are all larger sites, including 12 units at GS Power, a Korean independent power producer (IPP). There is a growing demand for electricity throughout South Korea, and all utility companies must adhere to Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which establish regulations for clean energy integration throughout the country. (Similar RPS guidelines also exist in many U.S. states that require a specified percentage of electricity to be generated by renewable sources.)

“The Doosan-KOSEP partnership exemplifies how utilities can utilize clean energy technologies to effectively reduce costs and emissions,” says Doosan President and CEO Jeff Chung. “In fact, as a viable alternate to traditional utility generation, fuel cells are creating energy quietly and without pollution at an increasing number of commercial buildings across Korea and the U.S.”

“Businesses around the globe are investing in fuel cells, which is an investment in the future of our planet. If you care about the environment; if you care about renewable, sustainable, flexible energy sources, then you will care about fuel cells.”

About Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc.
Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. (Doosan) is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, a South Korea based industrial company founded in 1896 that has current operations in 38 countries and has been a Fortune Global 2000 company since 2007. Doosan, headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, designs, engineers and manufactures fuel cells for commercial and industrial applications. Formed in July 2014 following Doosan Corporation’s acquisition of ClearEdge Power (formerly UTC Power), Doosan is the U.S. arm of the Doosan Fuel Cell Business Group and focuses on 400-kilowatt phosphoric acid fuel cells capable of supplying combined heat and power to building and utility systems. With its growing team, and focus on innovation and technology leadership, Doosan’s stated vision is to be the global leader in the fuel cell industry. For more information about Doosan, please visit http://www.doosanfuelcell.com.


The scalable Doosan PureCell® Model 400 operates on natural gas, generating 440 kW of clean electricity and 1.7 million BTU/hour of useable heat

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