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Siemens’ Omnetric announces partnership with Tacoma Public Utilities

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OMNETRIC, a global integrator helping energy providers and prosumers reap the benefits of the digital energy system, announces today that it has been contracted by Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) to implement the Siemens EnergyIP meter data management system (MDMS) as part of TPU’s Advanced Meter program. The integration solution, which is currently being developed, is instrumental to TPU’s goal of updating to the latest Advanced Metering technology. Carried out by OMNETRIC, the integration project will allow TPU to realize efficiency enhancements, offer improved customer service options, and act on previously unavailable asset intelligence.

TPU, a public utility in the United States recognized for its leadership and innovation, serves approximately 170,000 electric customers and 90,000 water customers in Tacoma and surrounding jurisdictions.

Starting in June 2019, OMNETRIC is designing the solution with Siemens EnergyIP to integrate the MDMS with TPU’s key operational and customer service systems as part of TPU’s overall advanced meter system implementation program. TPU’s program encompasses implementation of an MDMS, infrastructure technology and meter deployment, as well as updates to SAP, TPU’s existing Customer Information System.

Using standard advanced meter Adapters, OMNETRIC will work with TPU’s chosen network provider to integrate the Head End System with Siemens EnergyIP.

The integration with SAP will be realized using the standard MDUS (Meter Data Unification and Synchronization) solution. Ensuring a best-practice link-up to the enterprise software’s data interfaces, OMNETRIC has teamed up with SAP for this project, bundling the MDMS as an SAP Solution Extension.

“OMNETRIC’s project with TPU is yet another demonstration of our ability to deliver the transformative integration today’s grid needs to become a living infrastructure designed to respond quickly and flexibly to society’s energy needs.”, said Daniel Felicio, CEO of OMNETRIC.

Felicio added, “Utilizing our unique setup together with extensive domain experience allows us to agnostically incorporate complex solutions for commercial and industrial IoT applications. We are happy to realize tailored implementations for utilities and now able to also serve related verticals, such as smart cities and infrastructures, logistics, and mobility. Our services cover all phases of the transformation journey from strategy consulting to solution co-creation and customization to implementation and scaling.”

“Tacoma Public Utilities is pleased to partner with Omnetric on our advanced metering program. After a rigorous selection process, we selected Omnetric’s EnergyIP for the critical Meter Data Management component of our AMI solution. Omnetric’s reputation, proven integration with SAP, along with the ability to fulfill our functional and technical requirements were critical factors in our decision.”, said Andre’ Pedeferri, Tacoma Public Utilities-AMI Program Manager.

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