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Sharp to Construct 52 MW Large-Scale Solar Power Generation Plant in Thailand

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As EPC*1 Contractor, Sharp Will Collaborate on Plant Design and Construction and on Supply of Balance of Plant; Sharp Will Also Provide Maintenance and Operational Control

Sharp Corporation has signed an agreement with SSP*2 of Thailand to construct a 52 MW-dc*3 large-scale solar power generation plant in that country. Construction will begin in January, with operations scheduled to start by the end of 2014.

The plant will be operated by power producer SSP, which earlier placed a construction order for the project with Sharp, ITE*4, and ITD*4 (the largest construction company in Thailand). Sharp will collaborate on the design and construction of the plant and will also supply the solar modules and balance of plant (BOP) for it. When the new plant comes online, the total amount of power generation capacity of Sharp solar power plants in Thailand will exceed 150 MW.

The power plant will employ thin-film solar modules that offer superior performance characteristics under high temperatures. Sharp will supply approximately 400,000 of these modules—along with the requisite BOP—on an expansive area of about 1.3 square kilometers. Maintenance and operational control will be provided by Sharp Solar Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. (SSMA)*5, a Sharp subsidiary established in March 2011. Specially trained and qualified personnel will provide operational support by inspecting and servicing the entire plant.

Sharp will continue to develop a top-to-bottom business model that includes collaborating on the design and construction of solar power plants, supplying BOP, and providing maintenance and operational control services.

*1 An EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor carries out the design of a project, procures all the necessary equipment, and contructs the project.

*2 SSP: Serm Sang Palang Ngan Co., Ltd. A special-purpose company, whose parent organization is Tang Kim Heng Group. SSP plans, invests in, and operates power generation businesses.

*3 dc: direct current

*4 ITD (Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited): The largest construction company in Thailand. ITD has extensive experience—in both Thailand and global markets—in the construction of public facilities such as international airports, hydraulic power plants, and commercial buildings.

ITE (ITALTHAI Engineering Co., Ltd.): ITE, an affilated company of ITD, provides a wide range of services, including supplying electricity and designing buildings and facilities.

*5 SSMA is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation established on March 21, 2011, to provide repair and maintenance services for large-scale solar power plants in Asia.

Overview of New Solar Power Generation Plant

Power plant name SSP Solar Farm
Company name SSP (Serm Sang Palang Ngan Co., Ltd.)
Area (approx.) 1.3 km2
Power generation capacity (approx.) 52.0 MW-dc
Modules Thin-film solar cells
Installation On-land installation
Start of construction (plan) January 2014
Start of operation (plan) End of 2014
Location Lop Buri Province, Kingdom of Thailand

Overview of Contracting for Thai Solar Power Project

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