SDE Finalizing the Construction of the First Sea Wave Power Plant for China

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The 1MW sea wave power plant will be installed in the province of Guangzhou.

TEL AVIV, Israel []

SDE is finalizing the construction of the first of many sea wave power plants to be installed in China during the upcoming month.

The 1MW sea wave power plant will be installed in the province of Guangzhou, in the city of Dong Ping, and will represent the successful beginning of the implementation of an overall 10,000MW plan to be executed in Guangzhou in the near future. The construction of the new sea wave power plant has received a lot of interest from the Chinese media, and the governmental news channel even broadcasted a detailed report on the construction site.

SDE’s officials, Mr. Shmuel Ovadia, Managing Director of SDE, and Inna Braverman, the International Marketing Manager of the company, flew to China in order to conduct several meetings with the Mayor of Dong Ping and with a large governmental foundation, that expressed its interest in funding SDE’s project all over China. The mayor had also expressed his keen interest in the development of the sea wave power plants all over the city.

Similar sea wave power projects will be built in Nan San Inland of Zhan Jiang city, where the Beach is 24KM and the wave’s height it between 2-3 meters, as well as in the province of Hainan, in which SDE’s partners are in the final stages of negotiations.

China has a great need for the swift implementation of SDE’s sea wave power technology due to the high rates of pollution in the country. In fact, according to Time Magazine, the Chinese cities Linfen and Tianying are the world’s two most polluted cities, and the World Bank has reported that 16 of 20 most polluted cities in the world are Chinese. Chinese cities often seem wrapped in a toxic gray shroud. Apparently, only one percent of the country’s 560 million city dwellers breathe air considered safe by the European Union.

According to the Ministry of Health, the pollution in China had made cancer the country’s leading cause of death,. Ambient air pollution alone is blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year and nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

China has many industrial cities where people rarely see the sun, children are killed or sickened by lead poisoning or other types of local pollution and the coastline is so swamped by algal red tides that large sections of the ocean no longer sustain marine life.

According to Mr. Wang Jinan, one of China’s leading environmental researchers, “There is a pressure for change, but many people refuse to accept that we need a new approach so soon.” China’s leaders also recognize that they must change course. They are vowing to embrace a new development model, which will allow for steady economic and industrial growth while protecting the environment.

As a result, SDE’s sea wave power technology is the perfect solution to China’s problems; it will provide China with a clean and cost-efficient source of energy, which will minimize the pollution ranks in the country, and avoid causing harm to the steady economic and industrial growth of the country.

Currently, the Government has numerical targets for reducing emissions and conserving energy, and major initiatives are on the way to develop clean energy sources, like solar, wind and sea wave energy.

The technology of producing electricity from sea waves is innovative and a leading method worldwide. Pollution and global warming as a result of fuel usage have taught the world that the largest world resource to create electricity is sea waves. With this new method, the system has the highest efficiency in the world and is offered by a very attractive price. SDE has international patent and also patents pending. To this day, the company has built 8 sea wave power plant models, which were financed, checked, and approved by the Israeli Government.

The erection cost of a 1MW S.D.E’s power station starts from US$650,000 while a comparable coal station costs US$1,500,000, a natural gas station US$900,000 a solar station US$3,000,000 from solar sources, and a wind station from $1,500,000. In addition, S.D.E’s production cost per KW is only US2 cents, compared to US3 cents from coal, US3.5 cents from natural gas, US12 cents from solar energy, and US3.6 cents from wind.

The system that S.D.E has developed is able to supply 500 times more than the electricity requirements of the whole world population.

For further details Please contact Ms. Inna Braverman, International Marketing Manager of S.D.E, or Mr. Shmuel Ovadia, CEO,

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