Scottish Renewables welcomes hydro potential report findings

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Scottish Renewables, the leading green energy trade association, has welcomed a new report which reveals Scotland’s hydro potential is nearly double than previously thought.

Published Thurs 21 the Employment Potential of Scotland’s Hydro Resource study, commissioned by the Scottish Government, confirms more jobs will be created in Scotland particularly in the micro hydro sector where much of the work and manufacturing will be carried out in local communities.

Johanna Yates, Policy Manager for Hydro and Marine, Scottish Renewables, welcomed the study’s findings; “highlights the importance hydro can play in Scotland’s economic landscape.”

She said: “Hydro schemes are an essential part of Scotland’s energy mix, nationally for meeting renewables targets, but also the smaller schemes can provide local economic benefits.

“Scottish Renewables welcomes the government’s commitment to promoting all scales of hydro through recognising local benefits whilst working within the sensitivities of the water environment.”

Johanna Yates added: “What we need to see now is a commitment to delivery of these 1200 MW of renewable energy by encouraging investment in the hydro sector”


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