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Saving Daylight Time – Free second panel with purchase of SunRnr portable solar generator

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It’s “Saving Daylight Time” at SunRnr! Purchase a Sun110 and/or SunPWR portable solar generator energy system and get the second solar panel FREE!

Starting at 2am Sun, March 11, 2012 in honor of Daylight Savings Time, SunRnr of Virginia, Inc will help you save daylight by including the additional solar panel option for free with each purchase of a Sun110 or SunPWR portable solar generator energy system. It is our way of welcoming Spring while also encouraging preparedness for its related severe weather. (Since Sun220s and Sun240s already come standard with two panels, their daylight savings special will be a 5% discount.) Offer ends on Earth Day, Sun, April 22, 2012.

You may order from the manufacturer by calling 540-271-3403 and mentioning code “DST”. However, you will likely find a better price and a similar offer through your regional dealer – visit http://www.sunrnr.com/Distributors.html and click nearest marker on map.

A SunR energy system combines a main SunRnr unit for energy storage and output with a renewable energy source for energy generation. The included solar panels are the most commonly used generation source, but the unit may also be recharged by wind or water turbine, the grid, a gas generator, or even a bicycle. The SunRnr main unit consists of a steel chassis enclosing a rechargeable battery, a DC-to-AC inverter, a charge controller with display, a master disconnect on/off switch, auxiliary power socket, accessible fuses, and quick-connect input/output portals. It is the inverter, or lack thereof, that defines the SunRnr model – Sun110 (standard US), Sun220 (international), Sun240 (well pump), SunPWR (expandable system).

Please visit www.sunrnr.com for more information. New dealer applications welcome.

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