Salton Sea renewable energy development could generate $4 billion according to report

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Renewable energy development at the Salton Sea could generate up to $4 billion in revenue over 30 years, with $2 billion going toward restoration, according to a report presented to the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors on Tuesday.

Geothermal development alone could generate as much as $2 million over the study period, with mineral recovery bringing in a potential $1.5 billion.

The IID is promoting its Salton Sea Restoration and Renewables Initiative. It proposes to develop the Salton Sea’s renewable energy resources as a means to fund the area’s environmental restoration.

The Salton Sea Revenue Potential Study was commissioned by the IID to assess the area’s revenue potential. As such, it’s based on a number of assumptions, comes with caveats and reveals many risks and uncertainties.

For instance, it assumes a geothermal energy potential of 2,000 megawatts.

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