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RockTron has developed a commercial mineral processing solution for this massive and growing environmental problem, transforming fly ash into valuable eco-minerals on an industrial scale, with no waste stream.

RockTron International – the innovative fly ash recycling company – has this week announced a new business franchise proposition and signed up their first franchisee. RockTron’s proposition has generated unprecedented demand following the winning of the Institution of Chemical Engineers’ most prestigious Nicklin Medal, which has placed RockTron firmly in the international spotlight. Investors, energy companies, polymer and cement manufacturers around the world have shown strong interest in this small British company’s breakthrough in fly ash recycling technology. In response, RockTron has developed a new business franchise proposition, part of a new financial strategy that is set to rapidly expand the commercial opportunities for investors. (

Global Environmental Problem

Billions of tonnes of coal-fired power station waste, called fly ash, are dumped in long term landfill sites worldwide. RockTron has developed a commercial mineral processing solution for this massive and growing environmental problem, transforming fly ash into valuable eco-minerals on an industrial scale, with no waste stream. These exciting new products are used to substitute traditional, more expensive fillers and extenders in the manufacture of polymers, rubbers, coatings and concrete products.

RockTron’s Eco-mineral Solution

RockTron’s 100% recycled, high added value eco-mineral product range includes hollow and solid alumino-silicate (glass) microspheres (<1 to 300 micron) together with solid paramagnetic (iron) microspheres and high purity carbon. Applications include automotive, aviation, tyres, paints and coatings, flooring, cabling, piping, construction and domestic appliances. Independent testing by Queen’s University Belfast, BMS and ARTIS (Avon Rubber) on RockTron’s products has yielded very promising results in polymer and rubber applications. This vindicates RockTron’s view that these new eco-mineral products can help increase manufacturers’ margins and cut their carbon footprint, while offering comparable and in many cases superior product performance.

Strong International Demand

Following the launch of RockTron’s fly ash beneficiation technology in the UK and the construction of its first full scale plant, RockTron has experienced strong demand for its products and technology from around the world including China, Korea, Russia, Europe, USA, Australia and Malaysia. In response, RockTron has launched RockTron Asia two years ahead of schedule and developed a new, more versatile partnership franchising business model, which allows RockTron and its partners to develop into multiple international markets simultaneously, without compromising existing agreements or future opportunities. RockTron’s first industrial plant at Fiddler’s Ferry, in operation and capable of recycling up to 800,000 tonnes per annum, demonstrates the fact that RockTron fly ash beneficiation is now a proven technology.

RockTron’s New Partnership Proposition

Executive Deputy Chairman, Dr John H. Watt said:

“We’re very excited about our new franchise proposition and proud that we have signed up our first franchisee in the UK. RockTron can offer investors and large companies in the energy, polymer, rubber, coatings and cement industries a means of future proofing their current market positions through franchise arrangements. It’s a new and inspiring opportunity for greater return on investment, with far more flexibility than conventional opportunities. It also allows companies to capitalise on RockTron’s proven technology, expert knowledge and unrivalled experience, without having to fund years of expensive high risk research and development costs. High added value eco-minerals represent a huge investment opportunity and we are leading the way in this new global market.”

RockTron’s new partnership initiative is open to governments, energy, cement / concrete, polymer companies and commercial investors equally, with the potential for significant environmental benefits including site remediation and carbon emissions savings. RockTron proves that what is good for business is also good for the environment.

Following the negotiation of their first UK franchise, RockTron International will formally launch RockTron Asia at the new international IGEM Conference in Kuala Lumpur 14-17 October 2010, which will be attended by a number of parties interested in negotiating new franchises for several Asian countries.

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