REpower will present the new turbine types for the first time to the public.

  • REpower 3.4M104 with a rotor diameter of 104 m and REpower 3.2M114 with a rotor diameter of 114 m to be presented at the EWEC
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  • 3.4M for the first time with hybrid tower and a hub height of 128 m
  • 3.2M with a larger rotor for a higher energy yield

Hamburg, []

REpower Systems AG (WKN 617703) will present two new variants of their 3.XM series for less windy locations at the European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC). In this connection, the 3.XM series will, with immediate effect, be differentiated into two turbine types. The REpower 3.4M104 with a rotor diameter of 104 m relates to the 3.XM series turbine type, which was introduced back in 2008; it is now available in three different hub heights. The wind turbine manufacturer from Hamburg has announced that it will start selling the second variant, the 3.2M114 with a rotor diameter of 114 m, in fall 2010.

REpower will present the new turbine types for the first time to the public at the most important European event for the sector, namely the EWEC, which this year is being held in Warsaw, Poland. The REpower 3.4M104 has a rated output of 3.4 megawatts (MW) and a rotor diameter of 104 m. A 128 m hybrid tower made from concrete and steel is now also available in addition to the two steel tower variants with hub heights of between 96.5 m and 100 m as well as between 78 m and 80 m respectively. The turbine can thus now also be optimally used at locations with lower wind speeds as well as on hilly terrain or in forested areas.

The newest turbine of the 3.XM series is also designed for use in less windy locations in inland areas: namely the REpower 3.2M114. The turbine with a rated output of 3.2 MW and a rotor diameter of 114 m is set to be launched on the German market in fall 2010. The erection of a prototype is planned for 2011. The 3.2M114 can increase the energy yield at less windy locations, in comparison to the 3.4M104, by up to 10%, due to its rotor area of over 10,000 sq. m. The RE 55.8, a rotor blade specially developed by REpower Systems AG, is used in this connection. The 3.2M114 is initially to be offered with a steel tower and a hub height of 93 m, additional variants are planned for the future.

Matthias Schubert is responsible, as the CTO, for the research and development work of the company. He emphasizes the following: “We are expanding our product range with the new turbine types in the 3.XM series. Both the 3.4M104 with hybrid tower variant and high hub heights as well as the new 3.2M114 with its 114 m rotor diameter are optimally suited for less windy locations. With these turbines, we are building on tried-and-tested REpower technology, which has already proven itself in the previous 3.XM wind turbines.”

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