REpower receives 48 megawatt contract for wind farm in Southern China

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REpower North (China) Co. Ltd has received an order for 24 wind turbines from Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co. Ltd, an energy and property company based in Guangzhou.The Chinese joint venture, in which REpower Systems AG (SIN 617703) has a majority interest of 50.01%, will deliver the turbines of type MM82, each with rated power of two megawatt (MW), in summer 2009 for a wind farm on the coast of Guangdong Province, 2,000 kilometres southeast of Beijing.

The turbines of type MM82, which REpower North has been constructing in Baotou since May 2008, are designed for the high wind speeds on the south Chinese coast and in northern China and are also available in Cold Climate Version (CCV) for temperatures down to – 40º C.

Pieter Wasmuth, CFO of REpower Systems AG and Chairman of REpower North, is pleased to implement the project hand-in-hand with the team at Baolihua and emphasised the significance of the Chinese market for wind turbine companies: “China has a rapidly growing need for energy and will become one of the most important markets for wind power in the long term, particularly against the background of increasing prices for fossil energy. With the technological expertise and the support of our German parent company, REpower North is well equipped to position itself as a quality supplier.”

REpower North commissions the manufacture of important turbine parts for the project in Guangdong, which must meet the highest quality requirements, from local suppliers.

Overall, the client Baolihua plans to extend its activities in the wind sector with a 100 MW onshore wind farm and a 1,250 MW offshore wind farm in Lufeng, a coastal city in Guangdong Province. The company, which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, has already made one of the largest investments in environmentally friendly energy production in China with the thermal power station built in Meizhou.

The joint venture REpower North (China) Co. Ltd was established in 2006 by REpower Systems AG, the Chinese steel and engineering company North Heavy Industry Corporation and project developer Honiton Energy Ltd in Baotou in Inner Mongolia. From 2009, 200 turbines meeting German quality standards are to be produced each year

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