Renewables Industry must lead the way on Apprenticeships

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Rnewables sector to take the lead in offering training schemes.

Recent political announcements in support of apprenticeships have received a warm reception from the team behind the proposed Lifetime Recycling Village for the West of Scotland, who have called for the renewables sector to take the lead in offering training schemes.

In the run up to the forthcoming Scottish Elections on May 5th 2011, apprenticeships have been a key campaigning point across the political spectrum. Labour Leader Iain Gray has said that his party’s commitment to apprenticeships will help to provide “real action to tackle youth unemployment” as he hit the campaign trail, pledging to offer places to all qualified 16-18 year olds who want them. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrat manifesto which was published yesterday contained a commitment to seek support for apprenticeships from the 20 leading Scottish private sector organisations.

There has also been a keen focus on apprenticeships south of the border. Chancellor George Osborne recently announced that an extra £180m will be put towards making additional apprenticeship places available. The coalition is aiming to create 360,000 apprenticeships this financial year, rising to more than 400,000 a year from 2014-15.

Speaking in reaction to the developments, Neil Gallagher, Managing Director of Lifetime Recycling Village, said:

“The renewable sector is a key area of growth for our economy, and so it is vital that we are proactive and take the lead on this.

“By increasing the number of apprenticeships available in the sector now, we will ensure the long term future and stability of employment in renewable energy in Scotland and the rest of the UK”.

Should its proposal for the Lifetime Recycling Village be approved, the company has also pledged to try to persuade their business partners to help improve employment conditions in East Renfrewshire, where they are based:

“We will encourage anyone that we enter into business with or sign contracts with to offer apprenticeships to young people.

“There is a clear and pressing need for the local workforce to advance their skill levels, as long term unemployment increased by 343% between December 2008 and November 2010 in East Renfrewshire”.

Source: Lifetime Recycling Village

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