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Remeha Commercial announces partnership with CHP specialist ENER-G

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Leading UK commercial heating manufacturer Remeha Commercial has announced its partnership with cogeneration specialist ENER-G to offer Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems up to and including 90kWe as part of Remeha’s unique ‘one stop-shop’ commercial heating product range.

The new CHP systems create electricity and heat simultaneously, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent and electricity costs by approximately one third. They are particularly suitable for new build or refurbishment applications that require significant, consistent demands for space heating and electricity generation.

The CHP unit burns natural gas in a gas engine to drive the electricity generator and provide power for the building. Hot exhaust gas from the engine enters a heat recovery exchanger to feed boilers and provide steam or hot water for space heating. The ENER-G CHP unit can be connected with Remeha Commercial’s condensing boiler range with Open Therm controls available for maximum efficiency.

By generating both heat and power on-site, the CHP unit operates to higher efficiency levels, offering a total fuel efficiency of 85 per cent compared with the 52.5 per cent efficiency of traditional generation.

“Remeha Commercial is committed to helping create a more sustainable future,” commented Remeha National Sales Manager Chris Meir, “so we are delighted to partner with ENER-G, the European leader in cogeneration technology, to add to Remeha product portfolio with the ENER-G CHP range which perfectly complements our market-leading gas condensing boiler range. CHP is a proven technology that not only reduces primary energy usage and carbon emissions, but stabilises electricity costs. The reduced carbon footprint also helps with Part L compliance and CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme targets.”

Support for the optimum operation, maintenance and long term care of the CHP units will be provided by ENER-G Service Centre which, with almost 30 years’ experience, brings unrivalled expertise in all aspects of cogeneration technology.

According to Ian Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Director for ENER-G, “there is increasing demand for CHP packaged systems to be supplied in conjunction with high efficiency boiler plant so we are delighted to establish a partnership with a high profile supplier such as Remeha. Our customers can now benefit from a single source solution for all of their heating needs and also be assured of the very highest level of aftermarket care.”

Further information: www.remeha.co.uk www.energ.co.uk/chp

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