World Biofuels Market – Global demand to rise at double-digit annual pace

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World Biofuels Market

Global demand to rise at double-digit annual pace

Growth in world biofuel demand will continue to expand at a rapid double-digit pace, reaching 120 million metric tons in 2014. Bioethanol will experience the greatest gains, as continued steady growth in the large North American market will be accompanied by even greater gains in the Asia/Pacific region and Europe. Much faster growth will occur in the smaller biodiesel market as the maturation of biodiesel in Western Europe is offset by robust gains in all other regions. Additionally, demand for other biofuels such as biobutanol and renewable diesel will begin to reach commercially significant volumes as production technology matures and full scale plants are finally brought online.

Government policy to continue driving growth

Government policy decisions will continue to drive industry growth going forward. Established laws in the developed countries of North America and Europe will not only support continued gains in bioethanol and biodiesel demand, but also stimulate market expansion to include new biofuels such as biobutanol, which have not been produced previously at a commercial scale. In the developing countries of Africa, the Asia/Pacific region and Central and South America, the desire for increased energy security, as well as the possibility of providing improved economic opportunities for largely poor agricultural workers, will lead many countries to continue developing and supporting domestic biofuel industries.

US, Brazil to remain top bioethanol players

The global bioethanol industry will continue to be dominated by the United States and Brazil, which are the world’s largest consumers and producers of bioethanol. Delays in the emergence of second generation cellulosic ethanol as a viable alternative to maize-derived bioethanol will create demand for Brazilian sugar cane-derived ethanol in the United States and Europe. However, over the longer term this imbalance in demand and production will decline, particularly as other biofuels begin to compete with bioethanol in the marketplace. Other crops such as cassava and sweet sorghum will increasingly be used as bioethanol feedstocks in Africa and the Asia/Pacific region, reflecting concerns about the potential use of food crops for biofuels, and the general lack of access to technology, infrastructure and funding to pursue more advanced alternatives.

Other regions to outpace Western Europe in biodiesel production and demand

Western Europe has emerged as the dominant consumer of biodiesel, reflecting the region’s greater reliance upon diesel than gasoline as a motor vehicle fuel. European Union member country efforts to boost biofuel consumption to meet EU minimum standards will continue to drive growth in biodiesel demand in Western Europe. However, rising biodiesel standards in countries outside of Europe will lead to even faster demand growth among all other regions. With biodiesel demand surpassing the five percent of diesel (by energy content) level, EU member countries will increasingly find it difficult to produce sufficient quantities of biodiesel at an economically acceptable cost, and as a result will turn to biodiesel exporting countries in South America and the Asia/Pacific region.

Study coverage

This new industry study presents historical demand data for the years 1999, 2004 and 2009, plus forecasts for 2014 and 2019 by biofuel product (e.g., bioethanol, biodiesel, pure vegetable oil, biobutanol), world regional market and 28 national markets. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles global industry participants.

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