R20 climate conference in Vienna welcoming Klaus Fronius and the Fronius Energy Cell

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Vienna played host to the R20 conference from January 31st to February 1st.

R20 is a successful non-profit organisation that works around the globe to promote local economic development through low-carbon and environmentally-friendly means. Founder Arnold Schwarzenegger, who demonstrated a clear commitment to energy policy during his time as Governor of California, attended as a guest speaker. So too did Klaus Fronius and the Fronius Energy Cell team.

Following the success of local initiatives, then Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and a number of fellow officials took the decision in 2010 to intensify their common efforts and start to place an increasing stress in local co-operatives. R20 (Regional 20) was born. At this year’s conference in Vienna, Klaus Fronius was invited together with the Fronius Energy Cell team to attend as a keynote speaker and participant in a discussion forum.

Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann opened the event, followed by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. He in turn was succeeded by the Director-General of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). In a highly emotional speech that roused a standing ovation from the audience, he pleaded for renewable energies to be brought to developing countries suffering an energy deficit.

Don’t wait for international decisions – act now

Naturally a great deal of attention was lavished on the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger: less emotionally, but just as passionately, he spoke once more on the significance of regional projects and initiatives. He emphasised just how important it is to act now and not to wait for international agreements:

“As Governor of California, I saw how green initiatives could be successfully launched well before the idea was even heard of in Washington,” explained Schwarzenegger.

Fronius Energy Cell at R20

At the evening event, Klaus Fronius took the opportunity to inform the former Governor about the development and potential offered by the Fronius Energy Cell.

Day 2 saw Michael Schubert of Sales Development Solar Electronics explain the Fronius Energy Cell and its operating principle under the strapline “24H SUN”. He spoke of the challenge in finding a long-term storage method for photovoltaic energy while presenting the solution developed by Fronius that, together with its positive side effects (heat generation for providing hot water and a heating back-up), allows total energy independence.

In the subsequent podium discussion, Klaus Fronius once more repeated his deep passion for the 24H SUN vision.

The R20 conference was undoubtedly a great sustainable success for Fronius.

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