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Qatar Solar Technologies and Qatar Electricity Water to Develop Power Using Solar Energy

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Doha, Qatar, Sunday 20 May 2012 – Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Qatar Electricity & Water Company (QEWC) on Sunday to commit to exploring the possibilities of developing power generation using solar energy in Qatar and beyond.

Dr Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri, Chairman and CEO of QSTec and Fahad Hamad Al Mohannadi, General Manager of QEWC both signed the MOU at QEWC’s headquarters in West Bay, Doha.

“QSTec is extremely proud to be signing this agreement with QEWC – as it marks the important progress towards providing a sustainable source of energy in Qatar – part of the Qatar National Vision 2030,” said Dr Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri, Chairman and CEO of QSTec. “We hope that collaboration will see many projects become a reality both here in Qatar and across the globe,” added Dr Al Hajri.

Fahad Hamad Al Mohannadi, General Manager of QEWC stated, “The interest in alternative energy sources and solar energy in Qatar is present and growing. The development and advancement of solar cell technology and the related industry should be the corner stone for the future strategy on alternative energy resources. Over the past several years the region has seen a number of pioneering and strategic efforts to diversify energy resources and develop projects that rely on renewable energy. These are all efforts to help conserve traditional energy resources.

We at QEWC believe that the State of Qatar & the Arabian Gulf have both geographic & climate advantages suitable for the development of solar energy. Together with QEWC’s experience in power generation and water desalination and Qatar Solar Technologies efforts in research and development, we will help develop an appropriate framework which addresses the development and effective use of this promising technology in the region,” he added.

QSTec is building a brand new industry of solar energy in Qatar – one of the most important and exciting industries in the world right now.

Qatar Solar Technologies’ number one priority is providing solar solutions that are the very best quality, efficient and sustainable. QSTec will soon be producing high quality, solar grade polysilicon, the key ingredient that goes into making the world’s most efficient solar technologies such as solar cells and modules that convert the power of the sun into energy. This solar energy will provide a sustainable alternative source of energy whilst conserving and protecting Qatar’s natural resources for the future.

In time, QSTec hopes to expand and create many more solar energy solutions here in Qatar – not just benefitting Qatar but the rest of the world too by protecting the environment.

QSTec’s US$1 billion polysilicon manufacturing plant, located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, will initially produce 8,000 metric tonnes per year of polysilicon. By the time this is transformed into solar modules, these solar modules will capture enough solar energy to power around 240,000 homes for an entire year.

QEWC is one of the leading utility companies in the GCC region owning assets over USD6.1 billion with an equity portfolio capacity that exceeds 5,800 MW of net power and 258 million gallons per day of net potable water.

QEWC is targeting business development opportunities in the State of Qatar by regionally utilizing solar powered technology for power generation and water desalination purposes.

The Memorandum of Understanding agreement is a testament of QSTec and QEWC’s support of providing a sustainable source of energy in Qatar.

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