PV Powered Inverters Selected by Aircraft Parts Supplier for East and West Coast Warehouses

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Ease of installation, low cost per Watt are key decision factors.

PV Powered, Inc., the innovation leader in solar inverter reliability, performance, and serviceability, announces that its commercial inverters have been installed in both the Corona, Calif. and Peachtree City, Georgia warehouses of the Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co., one of the country’s premier suppliers of private aircraft parts and pilot supplies. The installations were handled by Aliso Electric, Inc. of Laguna Hills, CA.

“Installing PV systems made good sense to us because Aircraft Spruce has always strived to be environmentally responsible” said Jim Irwin, President of Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company, “but the financial benefits of operating highly efficient systems are a definite bonus.”

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty was able to take advantage of generous federal and state credits and incentives.

The Georgia installation is the second largest solar system to be installed in the state. The company estimates that 65% of its power needs will be met by the two 119 kW solar power plants.

“We selected PV Powered commercial inverters because they represented the highest efficiency and lowest cost per Watt, enabling us to offer a performance guarantee to our customer” said Karla Martinez, Project Coordinator of the Solar Division at Aliso Electric. “But another key advantage is that the inverters are also the quickest and easiest to install.”

“As an installer, we are sometimes faced with challenges and obstructions when installing commercial and residential inverters,” continued Daniel Abundes, Electrical Foreman for the Solar Division at Aliso Electric. “PV Powered has developed a product for rapid installation with easy-to-follow instructions. The products’ mounting bases allow for straightforward ‘set and go’ installation, and the built-in support for performance monitoring completes the package.”

PV Powered commercial inverters are designed for 20+ year productive service lives. The company offers a standard 10-year warranty and optional 20-year warranty.

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