PV wholesaler Krannich Solar celebrates 20th anniversary

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Pioneers tend to venture into unknown terrain, guided by the idea of discovering something new. Kurt Krannich is one such pioneer.

In 1995, at a time when photovoltaics was still in the shadows and ridiculed as unsustainable, he started a two-man operation. His vision: that 100% renewable energies could provide for a better environmental future.

In 1995, solar systems were only built by those who were interested in doing something for the environment or the protection of creation. There were only a few local incentive schemes, and a system offering a standard capacity of 2.2 kW cost approx. 30,000 euros. Today, customers pay 3,000 for the same system, that is to say just 10% of the 1995 cost.

As an owner-operated family business (a state of affairs that continues today), from the beginning Krannich Solar was not just about theory, but about practice. In 1995, Kurt Krannich literally scaled the heights for his customers, being personally responsible for solar roof installations until the year 2000. With the launch of its 100,000 Roofs programme, Krannich Solar soon became a specialist wholesaler and systems house for photovoltaic installations – and it continues as such today.

Twenty years of photovoltaics – this also signifies twenty years of experience in a volatile market strongly influenced by the political environment. Right from the beginning, Kurt Krannich focused on the stable, long-term development of the business. Today, the two-man team is an internationally active group of undertakings, currently represented by 24 companies across 15 countries and employing over 250 people.

With the assurance that comes from having made it this far, and with the confidence of being able to meet future challenges, Krannich Solar is optimistic about the future. Its international focus is a guarantee of this, and will be further promoted in the years to come. Krannich Solar has taken the opportunity of its anniversary year to change its corporate claim: THE GLOBAL PV EXPERTS. With this statement, the PV wholesaler captures its claim and experience in a nutshell.


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