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PROINSO exceeds 456 MW in modules and solar inverters distributed in 2010

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The sales figures for the Spanish multinational will be in excess of €332 million for 2010.

· With the distribution figures obtained for the past year, the accumulated MW distributed by PROINSO in the period 2007-2010 will reach the 812 MW figure.
· Two years ago, 100% of PROINSO sales took place in the Spanish market, a figure that in 2010 has been reduced to 16% of the total sales for the multinational. The remaining 84% of PROINSO´s sales figures correspond to foreign markets in which Italy (49.82%) and Germany (15.67%) can be singled out.
· PROINSO- the company who form part of Grupo OPDE- has its offices in Spain, Italy, Greece and Ontario (CANADA) and California (USA) and commercial representation in the United Kingdom, China and the Czech Republic.
· Similarly, a network of 1,188 Qualified Installers are available worldwide.

The Spanish multinational PROINSO – specialized in the distribution of modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for solar photovoltaic installations, has distributed in 2010, throughout the world, 318 MW of SMA inverters and 138 MW of REC and TRINA modules.

These numbers have made it possible for PROINSO´s sales figures in 2010 to surpass the €332 million figure, turning the Spanish company into one of the world-wide leaders in solar photovoltaic distribution. In fact, in 2008, 100% of PROINSO sales took place took place within the Spanish market, a figure that in 2010 was reduced to 16% of the total sales of the multinational.

With the distribution figures obtained for the past year, the accumulated MW distributed by PROINSO- who forms part of Grupo OPDE- in the period 2007-2010 will reach the 812 MW figure. In terms of the figures for the individual products, the solar inverters distributed within the period 2007-2010 reached a figure of 528 MW accumulated, and 284 MW accumulated in the same period, in the case of the modules.

In terms of markets, in 2010 Italy represented 49.82% of the sales figures; followed by Spain (16.11%), Germany (15.67%), Greece (6.92%), the United States (3.98%), the Czech Republic (2.72%), Portugal (1.40%) and France (1.30%). Similarly, PROINSO have been present in module and inverters sales in countries like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, Holland, China, Colombia or Australia, among others. Noteworthy is the fact that the number of sales to clients in Spain, has been earmarked really for photovoltaic projects in other markets on behalf of these clients, consequently sales figures outside the domestic market surpass 90%.

According to the company, in 2011 PROINSO aims to reinforce and increase its operation and activity in Germany, the United States, Greece, France and Spain.

PROINSO has offices in Spain, Italy, and Greece, Ontario (CANADA) and California (USA) and commercial representation in the United Kingdom, China and the Czech Republic. Its Network of Qualified Installers has reached the figure of 1,188 certified companies worldwide.

A network of 1188 Qualified Installers around the world

The PROINSO Network of Qualified installers has already reached the figure of 1118 qualified companies worldwide, a figure that far exceeds initial forecasts which pointed towards 200 companies in the network by the end of 2010.

In terms of country of origin of the approved companies in the PROINSO network of qualified installers, Italy stands out, with its 494 certified companies, followed by USA (182), Spain (139), Germany (132), Greece and France with 93 and 62 certified installers, respectively. These photovoltaic installers are companies with a minimum of three years experience in the sector and have a team of engineers and installers who can design and implement projects.

The Network-launched officially in November 2009 – has also extended to Austria, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Slovakia, Slovenia, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, countries where PROINSO currently distributes material.

As highlighted from the company, Qualified Installers are not required to acquire the modules, inverters, trackers and structures from PROINSO, “meaning that they are entirely independent to maximize performance and make their business competitive.”//

Corporate Information: PROINSO www.proinso.net

PROINSO, part of Grupo OPDE, specialises in engineering and the supply of modules, invertors, fixed structures and trackers for solar photovoltaic plants. By 2010 the company had already distributed more than 812 MW.

PROINSO has distribution agreements with Trina Solar and REC for modules, with SMA for inverters and is responsible for the distribution of MECASOLAR trackers and fixed structures. It is the first worldwide supplier of TRINA modules. Similarly, it is also the leading distributor of SMA invertors, being a global distributor for the German manufacturer.

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