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PROINSO ends year 2011 with supply of 303 MW worldwide, exports amounting to 88%

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In the 2005-2011 period, the company delivered a total 1,115 MW

  • Last year, PROINSO delivered 197 MW in inverters and 106 MW in modules for solar PV installations in all five continents.
  • Europe (excluding Spain) and North America, with 83% sales volume, were the main markets in 2011.
  • Spain accounted for 12% sales, while 5% sales volume corresponded to emerging markets.
  • It is worth noting that, in 2008, 100% PROINSO sales had been made in the Spanish market. Following the company’s internationalisation, Spain now accounts for 12% of the volume sold and exports have reached 88%.
  • PROINSO has branches in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, US, UK, France, Canada, China and Czech Republic, and a Network of Qualified Installers with 1,900 members.

23 January 2012. PROINSO, a company that supplies modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for ground- or roof-mounted PV systems, supplied a total 303 MW in modules and inverters in 2011 that were installed in solar projects around the world.

Thanks to last year’s turnover, PROINSO, a company of OPDE Group, delivered a total 1,115 MW to different countries, thus hitting a record high and becoming one of the world’s leading companies in the solar industry.

The 2011 figures include 106 MW in modules and 197 MW in inverters. European and North American markets (US and Canada) accounted for 83% of PROINSO’s sales last year, which makes them the company’s main markets. It is worth pointing out that Germany and the US posted a leap in the last quarter.

Compared to only three years ago, there has been a market reshuffle, since in 2008 100% of PROINSO’s PV solar product sales were recorded in Spain, whereas last year the Spanish market accounted for 12% of the volume sold. It is worth mentioning that products sold to Spanish EPC contractors sometimes went to projects carried out in other countries, like Italy, which would mean exports are being underestimated at present. Nearly 88% sales were foreign sales in 2011, which shows the accelerated pace of PROINSO’s international expansion in the past three years.

Company sources also stress PROINSO’s bid on such emerging markets as Eastern European countries, Croatia, Morocco, Israel, Middle Eastern countries, Algeria, Libya, Turkey, China, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and India. In India, the company started operating in 2011, supplying 35 MW in solar products so far. The sales share in these emerging markets was 5%.

PROINSO Marketing Manager Teresa Marticorena remarks, ‘We expect our bid on international expansion to be successful in terms of rise in sales, with a 15% share in these emerging markets over the next years and a reduction of the share of European markets in terms of global sales.’

PROINSO has branches in Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, US, UK, France, Canada, China and Czech Republic, and a Network of Qualified Installers with 1,900 members.

The multinational company has distribution agreements with Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Schott Solar and REC for modules, and with SMA for inverters. In addition, it is a global distributor of MECASOLAR trackers and fixed structures.

International Network with 1,900 Qualified Installers

The sustained growth of business in the past years was broadly based on PROINSO’s strong International Network of Qualified Installers, made of 1,897 companies that have helped achieve this high sales volume. The Network was established two years ago, and the number of both installers and additional services provided by PROINSO has grown exponentially since then.

The countries with the largest numbers of PROINSO Qualified Installers are Italy (725) US (352), Spain (192), Germany (167), Greece (147), France (81) and the UK (47). These companies have at least three years’ experience in the solar industry and teams of engineers and installers capable of designing and carrying out solar projects.

The Network has also reached Austria, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, all of them countries in which PROINSO is delivering products at present.

Among other advantages, Qualified Installers can rely on PROINSO’s team of professionals for advice on engineering and legal matters. The PROINSO team assists them with any enquiries related to their projects. In addition, installers receive information on new products launched by manufacturers and have at their disposal all the products in stock at PROINSO.//

Corporate Information: PROINSO www.proinso.net

PROINSO specialises in the supply of modules, inverters, fixed structures and trackers for PV solar stations. Besides the deal recently reached with SCHOTT Solar, PROINSO has distribution agreements with TRINA SOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR and REC for modules, and with SMA for inverters. In addition, it is a distributor of trackers and fixed structures from MECASOLAR.

PROINSO is the world’s leading supplier of TRINA modules and the largest supplier of SMA inverters, being an international provider of the products manufactured by the German company.//

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