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PowerPHASE’s FastLight Grid Dispatchable Energy Storage Receives Patent Approval

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PowerPHASE LLC, a company that focuses on delivering gas turbine fleet optimization technologies, has been issued patent number 8,863,519 by the USPTO for “High Output Module CAES.” The technology promises to help existing combustion turbine power plants become green energy storage depots.

An increasingly larger part of the power generating fleet is composed of simple cycle and combined cycle gas turbines Named “FastLight,” PowerPHASE LLC’s system miniaturizes the air storage component and then uses the combustion turbine to achieve 15 times more output for the same capital cost when compared to traditional CAES plants.

The FastLight system is designed to work with combined cycle power plants, which are increasingly being used to balance renewable energy. FastLight systems are designed to charge and discharge twice per day, generating 15-20 MW per module for 4 hours. If deployed on several combined cycle power plants in California, FastLight can deliver enough grid scale power to meet the California grid energy storage mandate. By adding energy storage to combined cycle power plants, FastLight is able to store wind and solar power that would otherwise be wasted and deploy that power when it is needed the most.

Bob Kraft, FastLight inventor, remarks. “The FastLight system is the world’s first air efficient CAES system. It reduces energy storage costs to a level not possible for batteries this decade.” The inventor continues. “FastLight is ready for commercial installation now, at a price that makes sense for both power generators and ratepayers. If we hope to add more renewable energy to the grid, cost effective, grid-scale energy storage is needed to ensure a reliable power supply.”

With a 30 year useful life, FastLight systems further decrease life cycle costs when compared to batteries that need to be discarded and replaced every seven to ten years. For more information on advanced power plant energy generation technologies call 772-341-7566 or visit www.powerphasellc.com.

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