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The international solar thermal industry is set to meet at Intersolar Europe

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Munich, March 24, 2010. New European Union guidelines and technological developments are strengthening the importance of solar thermal energy worldwide. The potential and prospects for the international solar thermal market represent important focal points at Intersolar Europe, which will take place from June 9 – 11 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre. The Intersolar Europe Conference will take place within the framework of the exhibition from June 7 – 11, 2010.

In Europe, almost 40% of the total energy generated is used in buildings. Solar thermal energy, that is, the conversion of solar energy into heat, will play a key role in future in meeting the energy demand of buildings, as solar heating can be used here both for hot water production and space heating, as well as cooling.

European Union strengthens the importance of solar thermal energy
Through EU political energy guidelines, as well as tougher environmental protection requirements, energy-efficient and solar construction and renovation are increasingly gaining in importance. The share of renewable energies in Europe is due to rise to 20% by 2020. According to estimates from the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), solar thermal energy will cover 12% of the target growth, or provide 3.6% of the total demand of the EU’s 27 member states for heating and cooling.

In line with new plans from the EU Commission, all new buildings should be built as “near-zero energy buildings” by December 31, 2020. The redevelopment of existing buildings to make them more energy efficient should be the aim of all member states, with public buildings playing an exemplary role. Alongside the construction of low-energy housing, solar redevelopment of existing buildings is essential to increase the proportion of renewable energies in Europe in accordance with European Union guidelines. This means that, by 2020, the majority of outdated heating systems in Europe must be replaced with new systems which optimally combine both energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Yet the aims of the EU can only be reached if solar heat recovery takes on a significantly stronger role in future in the energy provision of buildings. “We expect the solar thermal market to grow vastly in the future. Solar thermal energy has the potential to cover arou nd 15% of the demand for low temperature heating in the EU by 2030, and as much as 47% by 2050,” says Xavier Noyon, CEO of ESTIF.

Innovations as the basis for “active solar buildings”
One condition of expansion is, however, that the widespread reluctance to invest be overcome and that solar thermal energy receive investment now. In addition, it is essential to continually develop technologies for the utilization of solar thermal energy. Researchers and manufacturers see significant potential for development, particularly in the solar heating of buildings, the generation of process heat for industrial use and in solar cooling. Moreover, the cost of installations should in future be significantly reduced.

Better integration into the building envelope and the development of new technologies for solar collectors provide the focus for the industry. Collector types, such as air heaters, which to date have had only minor significance but which have very encouraging prospects should undergo significant development. Even process heat collectors, which can heat water up to 250°C, are being intensively researched and further developed for the market. So far, it is possible to meet around 20 to 30% of a building’s heating requirements with solar thermal installations for auxiliary heating at a relatively low cost. A significantly higher proportion of solar provision can therefore be attained when more efficient heat storage tanks are available. Developers in the technologically leading research institutes and companies within the industry are therefore pursuing the aim of developing a new generation of highly efficient heat storage tanks. By using effective and efficient solar thermal installations, it will be possible to meet the heating and cooling demands of “active solar buildings” entirely through solar energy.

International solar thermal industry set to meet at Intersolar Europe
The prospects of the international solar thermal market and the latest technological developments provide important focal points at Intersolar Europe and the accompanying Intersolar Europe Conference. Intersolar is the world´s largest exhibition for the solar industry and specializes in the fields of photovoltaics and solar thermal technology. From June 9 – 11 it will open its doors once more on the grounds of the New Munich Trade Fair Centre to an estimated 60,000+ visitors and over 1,500 exhibitors, extending over a 130,000 m2 exhibition area in twelve halls. The Intersolar Europe Conference will take place as part of the exhibition from June 7 – 11, 2010. For decision makers, manufacturers, planners, suppliers and wholesalers from the solar thermal industry, the exhibition and conference provide significant impetus and serve as an international platform for information and commu nication.

Intersolar Europe will take place at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from June 9—11.

Further information regarding Intersolar Europe is available online at www.intersolar.de.

Sponsors of Intersolar Europe
Sponsoring Intersolar Europe are the leading industry associations in the solar field: the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) as the exclusive partner of Intersolar, the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), with the support of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

About Intersolar
With over 1,900 exhibitors and 77,000 visitors spanning three continents, Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition-seriers for the solar industry. Intersolar Europe is the largest single Intersolar event. With over 1,500 exhibitors and more than 60,000 visitors in 2010, Intersolar Europe is the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry. It focuses on the fields of photovoltaics and solar thermal technology, and since it was first held has established itself among manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers alike.

In addition to Intersolar Europe, Intersolar North America in San Francisco was launched in 2008. This was followed in 2009 by Intersolar India in Hyderabad. Intersolar Asia will be represented for the first time this year with its own pavilion at SOLARCON China in Shanghai. Intersolar Europe is organized by Solar Promotion GmbH, Pforzheim and Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG. The exhibitions in North America, India and China are organized by the international subsidiary companies Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim and Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI).

Further information regarding Intersolar Europe is available online at www.intersolar.de.

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