Polaris Energy offers state-of-the-art investor transparency by launching a dashboard web portal for investors in renewable energy projects

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Polaris Energy, a Luxembourg-based private equity company, announces the launch of a new secure investor dashboard web portal designed to help investors manage their investments and track project data in real-time.

MILAN, ITALY [WorldofRenewables.com]

Polaris Energy has launched a transparent and responsible approach to ensure investor confidence and facilitate ‘direct ownership’ for private investors who will now be able to manage and keep track of their investments using a new state-of-the-art web-based dashboard.

Polaris Energy focuses on creating direct ownership opportunities for investors interested in alternative energy projects. The new investor dashboard provides a secure place for investors to manage their green energy investments and contains features that provide transparency into the project construction and installation processes, such as web cameras on the construction site and streaming plant output data during production.

For 2011, Polaris Energy is focusing on developing photovoltaic solar projects in Italy, due to Italy’s generous Feed-in Tariff rates and Polaris’ strong project team with experience in the Italian photovoltaic solar market. The investor dashboard is a great tool for investors who are not local to Italy and who are not familiar with the process of constructing a solar power plant. By providing an opportunity for investors to observe the plant construction and installation processes, the investor dashboard provides an opportunity for investors of Polaris Energy to learn more about the alternative energy industry, as well as invest in it.

In addition to providing project data and access to Polaris Energy’s investment offerings, Polaris intends to expand the investor dashboard to access the company’s Swiss banking platform – where all investor funds are secured – in the near future.

“We enjoy working with investors worldwide who partner with us to invest in clean energy facilities.” said Polaris Energy’s Strategic Advisor Samuel Wilson. “By taking advantage of online tools to create a seamless and transparent investor experience, we have created a web portal where our investors can manage their investments and track their projects from wherever they are in the world.”

Polaris Energy is currently accepting inquiries from qualified and accredited investors, both private and institutional, who are interested in direct ownership in renewable energy projects. Polaris Energy offers the stability of the private equity community in Luxembourg and employs a Swiss banking platform to ensure financial security for its clients.


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