Photovoltaics and Fire Protection

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German Solar Energy Society (DGS) Seminar on “Photovoltaics and Fire Protection” at Intersolar Europe

Apply now: Germany is currently home to almost one million PV plants, which contribute growing amounts of energy to the country’s electricity supply. As the number of PV installations increases, so too does the risk of fire breaking out on buildings equipped with such plants. As a result, relevant technical associations from the field of solar technology, the electrical engineering trades and the fire departments have together established a set of fire safety principles. The DGS seminar focuses on these principles and on how they can be put into practice, thus offering valuable support for the implementation of all PV projects both large and small.

Target group: The seminar is addressed to manufacturers, planners, installers, investors and others involved in photovoltaic projects. It is organized by Solar Promotion GmbH together with its partner, DGS e.V. DGS members receive a 20% discount on the participation fee, which includes a three-day ticket for Intersolar Europe and lunch. more

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