Pöyry awarded site supervision contract for two hydropower plants in Albania

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Ashta run-of-river power plants in Albania by Energji Ashta Shpk.

Pöyry has been awarded the site supervision contract for the Ashta run-of-river power plants in Albania by Energji Ashta Shpk, a subsidiary of Verbund International. The value of the contract is about EUR 3.4 million.

The Ashta hydropower plants are located on the river Drin in the district of Shkodër in north-western Albania. The power plants consist of two stages, Ashta I and Ashta II, which are the final power plant steps in a cascade of three existing power plants. The overall design capacity of the plants is over 50 MW and the forecasted annual energy generation is 230 GWh.

Pöyry already performed the conceptual, approval and tender design and has been performing the detail design services since November 2009. The site supervision services will start in March 2010 and shall be completed in December 2012. The services cover the supervision of construction works and the assembling of electro-mechanical equipment on site. This project continues the long history of Pöyry in site supervision services of hydropower plants.

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  1. Please email me the URL which goes in to great detail of how the run-of-the-river electric generator works. Have the designers considered a narrow canal in which a catipiller generator is set?

    Jim Miller

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