27-28 September 2011: Summit Executive Center, Chicago, USA

Optimizing Wind Power Performance in a Post-Warranty Environment



In 2011, nearly $40 billion worth of wind installations in the U.S. come out of warranty. This leaves wind farm operators and owners with two major dilemmas: managing the post-warranty process and what to do next.

Coupled with warranty expiration, many wind farm owners are finding that they have responsibility for parks that were not optimally designed. Steps can be taken to rectify this (such as moving turbines) but they are expensive, time consuming and will affect the short term production of power. Other routes to optimization rely on effective data management and a deep understanding of forecasting in order to create accurate measures of potential. Many tools exist in the market place but they are

often poorly understood and badly deployed.

US O&Ms will also be faced with the upcoming OHSA health and safety requirements which will force changes in operations to achieve compliance and show best practice.

Is your firm ready to:

Find out how warranty expiration will affect your business and hear how business models will change from companies with direct operational experience?

See what additional measures you will have to put in place to comply with the OHSA guidelines to ensure worker health and safety and how these can be integrated into operations?

Limit the negative impact of poor design by understanding the effect of early-stage construction upon long term operations?

Close the gap between breakdown and repair to drastically reduce downtime and lost revenue?

Develop a strategy that enforces a preemptive approach to maintenance through effective training?

Turn a plethora of data into knowledge that can be used to aid decision-making?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more, at the third annual Optimizing Wind Power Performance conference and exhibition.

Learn from key utilities, wind farm operators, OEMs and third party suppliers including:

José Peñarrubia, Director of Construction, Acciona Energy

Dr Karl-Heinz Mertins, Director Technology & Operations, Exelon Wind

Dan Juhl, Chief Executive Officer, Juhl Wind

Jean Lemaire, Chief Operating Officer, Akuo Energy

John Yost, Vice President, Operations, E.ON Climate & Renewables North America

Kevin Borgia, Executive Director, Illinois Wind Energy Association

Ted Hofbauer, Director, Asset Management, Pattern Energy

Eduardo Perez, Vice President, Operations, Wind Capital Group

The event also features two workshops:

Pre-Conference Workshop brought to you by the Green Power Academy

The Key Factors for Wind Project Success

26 September 2011

Post-Conference Workshop

Business-Critical Tools for Effective Data Management

29 September 2011

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