One Ton of CO2 captured in the plant of the centre of Elcogas

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The first tonne of CO2 has been captured at the 14 MW pilot plant that ELCOGAS has built in its Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant at Puertollano, Spain.

From now begins a process of optimizing the operation, and a stage where they were tested required for studies involved with the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Through its process that uses a mixture of indigenous fuels, ELCOGAS, SA has demonstrated since its inception a good environmental performance, with emissions well below those of any other technology that uses coal or coke, in close proximity, or in some cases better, than those of natural gas combined cycle, and higher efficiency a conventional thermal power plants.

With the commissioning of this plant CO2 capture pilot of 14 MW, – first industrial scale that is placed in service in Spain and the first globally integrated into an IGCC plant dedicated to producing electricity, “says ELCOGAS, once again, its environmental commitment and contribution to climate change mitigation in the short to medium term.

Source: Elcogas

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