Obama Call for Action on Clean Energy Lauded by American Businesses for Clean Energy

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New Statement Follows June 9th Small Business Survey on Same Issues.

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President Obama’s appeal this evening for Congress to act swiftly to move the United States forward on clean energy is being applauded by American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), the largest group of small- and medium-sized companies supporting such steps. Now with nearly 5,000 companies and growing rapidly, ABCE is on the Web at http://www.abce.us/.

In a statement issued tonight, ABCE Spokesperson Christopher Van Atten said:

“American businesses join President Obama in his call to embrace a clean energy future. Thousands of US companies want Congress to develop and pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that will create millions of new jobs and usher in the next great American economic boom.

Not only will such a step help prevent another oil spill catastrophe, it also will pave the way for America’s long-overdue clean energy future.

Congress needs to take action now. Every day of delay means more jobs lost to other nations, continued economic doldrums and decreased U.S. security.

No other action Congress has on the table before it could mean anything close to the same kind of boost that two million new jobs tied to climate and energy action would bring about. Those millions of new jobs would be a big boost to manufacturers of consumer goods, retailers and the medium- and small-sized companies that make up American Businesses for Clean Energy.

President Obama is absolutely correct to say that the time for talking and stalling is over. We join the President in calling for action by our federal lawmakers on clean energy and climate. Main Street businesses and larger companies urgently need this step that will help boost America up to the next level in terms of economic growth and prosperity.”

On June 9, 2010, ABCE joined Small Business Majority in releasing a major new bi-partisan poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and American Viewpoint that found strong support among small business owners for clean energy and climate legislation. The survey, which included interviews with 800 small business owners, is one of the first to look specifically at small business owners’ attitudes regarding clean energy policies.

According to the poll, a majority of small business owners believe that clean energy legislation will strengthen the economy:

* 61 percent of small business owners agree that moving the country to clean energy is a way to restart the economy and help small businesses create jobs; and

* 58 percent think that adopting new energy policies will transform the economy and they want their business to be part of it.


American Businesses for Clean Energy is a broad umbrella organization that shows the breadth of business support for comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. ABCE will not develop detailed policy recommendations or evaluate specific proposals since existing business coalitions already address those needs. The ABCE initiative is open to any company or business association that supports Congressional action to pass climate and energy legislation now. By joining the initiative, these companies are making a public statement urging Congress to act. To learn more about American Businesses for Clean Energy and to pledge support for clean energy legislation, please visit: www.AmericanBusinessesforCleanEnergy.org.

Source: American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), Washington, D.C.

CONTACT: Christopher Van Atten of ABCE, +1-978-844-3085 (cell phone)

Web Site: http://www.abce.us/

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