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North East England energy sectors to be showcased at House of Commons Event

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NOF Energy is hosting a significant information and networking reception at the House of Commons alongside Energi Coast and Subsea North East.

NOF Energy, the UK business support organisation for oil, gas, nuclear and offshore renewables sectors, is hosting a significant information and networking reception at the House of Commons with Energi Coast and Subsea North East.

Taking place on, 20 March, the event is being held on the prestigious Terrace Pavilion at the Palace of Westminster.

The event will provide a platform for the North East of England’s offshore renewables and subsea sectors to emphasise its capabilities, future objectives and international reach.

The reception also presents an excellent opportunity for networking and will include representatives from the two North East Local Enterprise Partnerships, Tees Valley Unlimited and the North Eastern LEP, which are prioritising development of this sector through the creation of new Centres for Offshore Renewable Engineering (CORE).

Energi Coast is North East England’s renewables group which is made up of a group of 22 companies. Those businesses have invested almost £400 million to help accomplish the region’s ambition to become a global hub for offshore renewable energy solutions.

Subsea North East is the North of England’s advocacy group for the subsea sector. The subsea industry in the North East is made up of 50 companies, employing 10,000 staff with a combined turnover of £1billion.

Alex Dawson, Chairman of Energi Coast said “This reception is an excellent opportunity for Energi Coast to highlight the region’s capabilities and demonstrate the North East’s ability to play a strong role in achieving the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s targets of 50% UK content on British wind farms.”

Andrew Hodgson, Chairman of Subsea North East said: “At this event the North East will be able to showcase the subsea sector as a magnificent asset, built on pioneering technology, innovation and engineering expertise.”

George Rafferty, Chief Executive of NOF Energy said “North East England has a lot to be proud of in terms of its strong energy sector supply chain. As a community this event will enable us to come together to celebrate our achievements, share our successes and promote our ambitions.”

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