NHS Hospitals in the UK to Move to Renewable Energy Resources

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In order to make improvements in the energy efficiency across the NHS, the government is now asking the hospitals to shift to renewable energy resources.

In lieu of the move, UK government is suggesting installation of wind turbines and solar panels in order to make cuts to the National Health System energy costs. This is being considered to save the planet from drastic changes in the climate occurring for the past few years.

Funds worth £50m have been assigned to the project aiming at changing the face of energy used by the NHS hospitals. NHS is one of the largest consumers of resources across the planet while it emits about 1 million tonnes of carbon annually.

Dan Poulter, the Health Minister, said the hospitals used a large amount of power which cost about £600m on average every year. “This fund gives hospitals the go-ahead for all kinds of efficiency projects that will help them reduce the amount of energy they use and, as a result, their energy bills”, he added.

The funds given by the government will help the hospitals to use them for their own energy projects and help in saving costs and reducing emissions. Some £12.5m is expected to be saved which the hospitals can use for providing patients with improved care.

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