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The new and updated Media Kit is now available to download! has released its brand new 2010 Media Information in preperation for your marketing planning for 2010. We are delighted to announce that all advertising rates have been frozen and will remain the same as in 2009 for bookings made before December 21st 2009.

About ( was launched in March 2006 as the official website for The World Renewable Energy Association (WREA). has since established itself as the leader within the field of renewable energy and continues to grow faster than any other online information source today.

Included in the new release of our media - Time on Site statistics - October 2009

-Website Product Tour
-Network Map and Portfolio
-Factsheet about
-Sponsorship Opportunities
-2010 Rate Card
-Event Partnership Opportunities
-Useful Contacts
And more

Following recent subscriber surveys conducted through-out the year, was relaunced in August 2009 to ensure that we remained ahead of the competition. We now have the latest and greatest software and features to improve you user experience and to assist you with your jobs within the Renewable Energy Marketplace. You are not alone either as on average every month, 89,000 fellow industry professionals visit us and view over 2.7million pages of content.

Subscriber Surveys

Our recent surveys have revealed that a staggering 77% of subscribers use both and the industry leading website within the US, Results show that 86% of these users voted that was either better or superior to and the other industry websites. website statistic comparisons - August 2009

Our online-only approach has ensured that we continue to dominate the online marketplace. All of our marketing and site development is based on real online experiences and built on the knowledge of our employees. As a website, we are free from the distraction of print publications and event organisation as we continue to provide 100% online-only products and services to our subscribers. It is this we feel, that gives us the edge and will continue to attract new visitors, new business potential for our advertisers and secure the loyalty of our subscribers. This is emphasized by our page views per user and the session duration of our users compared with other online media as illustrated by the images (above, right and below)

Online and Upwards

The switch to online continues to accelerate in the digital media market. The internet’s share of all advertising swelled to almost 15% in the first half of 2008, with further record-setting leaps in real growth. Boosted in particular by massive increases in the supply of media from social networks, and the continued switch of acquisition budgets into search, the wider media sector is hurting as budgets are displaced and advertisers follow their audiences. The big changes are now starting.

Reading The Landscape

We’re still in the early stages of the transition to the digital networked society. The massive growth in online advertising may have fuelled web media, but the same migration of audiences and advertising is now hurting the classic channels deeply. In this decade of incredible social and technological transition, the major changes are yet to come. Firms who plan to survive the transition need to become adept at reading the landscape, and adapt quickly based on what they learn. - Page Views Per User statistics - August 2009
The Modern Media Mix

The online ad industry has already enjoyed astonishing growth, but this high level of annual expansion will be maintained, as a large range of both supply side and demand side drivers encourage continued increases in advertising investment. Media substitution is an inherent by-product of this as clients reassess the mix of media they need to deliver campaign objectives, and there continues to be a wider discovery within agencies of the value the digital media channels bring to their clients in the digital networked society.

Building For The Future

The reason the long term sector outlook remains extremely positive is because the user is still in the early stages of transition into the digital networked society. As more elements of the socio-economic ecosystem are connected digitally, the importance of these channels in the communications mix continues to rise. With technical and social innovation permanently high within digital services, this trend will hold true well beyond the next five years, giving even the seasoned online advertiser myriad reasons to invest further and to build online properties to support this migration. Once firms and consumers join the digital networked economy, they behave differently; permanently.

How Can World of Put You In Front Of Your Customers?

World of is now ranked as one of the major information providers for the renewable energy industry. The content that we provide is highly respected by all major search engines, guaranteeing that our information ranks within the top search results. Naturally, this increases the exposure of our content, our advertisers and our media partners. For an example of our ranking power, please follow this link! Ranking Power!

Why Should I Use Digital Media To Reach My Customers?

Digital Media is no longer a medium of the future. It’s here and now. In the past, digital media was viewed as a less attractive alternative to print advertising. And with good reason as the market had both a legacy and dependence to print media and the audience who used it. Today, more than 46% of us use Google for our online searches. It’s instant and up-to-date and usually driven by an individual(s) intent to know something or someone who can provide the information or product(s) they need. Within 8 years, Google has established itself as the number 1 search engine worldwide and have developed a code that provides its users with the most relevant and accurate information available. Their success has been driven by our need for information. Digital media will increase significantly because of its diversity, accuracy, versatility and the instantaneous nature that information is provided. Within the next 4 years, digital media will be responsible for over two thirds of global advertising spend. This growth represents the way we continue to seek information and the mediums we use more often to obtain it. World of is dedicated to this market and to those individuals who use it.

Making The Switch

There’s a tremendous violence in traditional media as it continues to be displaced by digital. Presently, the digital media industry is growing 41.3% year-on-year with many consumer brands now talking frankly about switching campaign budgets from print to the web as audience reach stumbles but, worse, ad effectiveness falls faster.

Search: Unstoppable

• Search advertising: up 44% year-on-year
• Market value for period: £762.3m
• Market share within online: 57.1%

The advertising switch to search is now deep in a positive feedback loop that looks unbreakable. Massive search impacts from Google and Yahoo (and expected at MSN), are fuelling online marketing on a scale never before seen in media. This is recasting the media landscape, with the search tools moving beyond the browser and onto the desktop and the mobile handset.

Download your version of the new WoR 2010 Media Kit today and stay ahead of the competition in 2010. Please select your preferred format option from the download section in the right hand column.


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