New Report Explores Opportunities for Transmission Systems in the Smart Grid Market

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Sales of AC and DC Smart Grid transmission systems are expected to grow from $10.8 billion in 2010 to $17.7 billion in 2015.

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According to a new report from NanoMarkets’ Smart Grid Analysis, sales of AC and DC Smart Grid transmission systems are expected to grow from $10.8 billion in 2010 to $17.7 billion in 2015. The growth will be prompted by government renewable energy integration and grid reliability mandates along with the need to build efficient grid infrastructure to support the economic growth of India and China.

NanoMarkets’ Smart Grid Analysis also believes that there are a number of key technologies that will enable this growth. The most important of these will be the latest generations of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and DC transmission systems.

Additional details about the report, Smart Grid Transmission Markets-2010 are available at

From the report:

· Renewable energy mandates will force utilities to install systems that optimize the use of solar and wind power. This is good news for firms that build long-haul, high-voltage transmission superhighways from remote wind and solar farms to centers of population and for firms that build FACTS that cope with the high variable energy outputs of renewable energy sources. The boom in renewables will contribute to the high growth in FACTS systems which are expected to reach about $735 million in sales by 2015.

· The latest generation of high-voltage DC (HVDC) systems promise cheaper installed cost than conventional AC systems and the same time are less likely to produce disastrous outages in tomorrow’s highly interconnected Smart Grids. By 2013, NanoMarkets/Smart Grid Analysis expects annual revenues from DC transmission systems reach $13.9 billion, while the use of high-voltage AC systems will decline substantially.

· The Chinese and Indian market for Smart Grid transmission systems are likely to be receive priorities in government funding and incentives because they are essential to the economic growth to which both the Indian and Chinese governments have committed themselves. By 2015, China and India will most probably be the largest purchasers of transmission systems and will account for almost 70 percent of all HVDC revenues.

About the report: The report, “Smart Grid Transmission Markets-2010” report provides an analysis and forecast of the Smart Grid transmission market. It covers both high-voltage AC and HVDC systems, as well as FACTS systems, but also discussed high-capacity composite and superconducting cable, fault current limiters and the emerging breed of specialized Smart Grid transformers. This is an international report that covers developments in Europe, the U.S., China and India, as well as the commercial consequences of the latest enabling technologies including power electronics and superconductors.

The report discusses strategic marketing issues and provides detailed forecasts of the market penetration by system or product type, as well as discussing the latest activities of the leading and most promising companies working in this field. 3M, ABB, Abengoa Group, Adani Power, AEP, Alstom, American Superconductor, Areva, Bharat Heavy Electricals, CFL Piratininga, China Power and Light, China Southern Power Grid, CEPEL, CFE, Composite Technology Corporation, ConEd, CTEEP, GE, LS Cable, Mitsubishi Electric, National Grid Nexans, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Silicon Valley Power, State Grid, Southern California Edison, SuperPower, TATA Power, Toshiba, Ventyx, Ultera, Xian Shiky and Zenergy

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