The New World Of Renewables Directory was launched on February 5th 2013 to promote businesses, their products and industry news. In just 3 weeks, the new platform has attracted over 103,000 unique visitor sessions and delivered over 1,6million pages of content.

The renewable energy industry has been under close scrutiny in recent months. Although some industry experts predicted a ‘bubble-burst’ between 2012 and 2014, I don’t think any of us could have expected the solar industry to suffer in quite the way it has – and we have certainly not finished the decent quite yet.


Economic factors globally have certainly not helped and with consumer confidence at an all time low, the industry faces an uphill struggle to return to the graceful heights it once enjoyed.

There are many who feel that while solar power is a great idea, it just isn’t financially feasible. For many years, the cost of outfitting the average home with solar panels was prohibitive. Even with advances in alternative technologies, many still believe that outfitting their homes with a solar array is something that is beyond the budget of most families.

But with recent advancements in technology, as well as market changes in the cost of other forms of energy, the cost of going solar is getting much less expensive.

Most of us who live in sprawling homes in the suburbs, with 4×4’s, electric garage doors, and all sorts of other technologies that suck useless energy, are likely to roll their eyes if you told them that solar might soon be the cheapest form of electricity available. That might be a common response from even self-proclaimed “greenies”.

Technology is advancing rapidly around the world in the field of photovoltaics. Solar panels are getting lighter, smaller, and more powerful. Maximum efficiency levels for solar panels too are at just 15% and with technology improving almost daily, this represents a huge growth potential in the level of sun energy converted. Surely, it’s only a matter of time before the magic five 9’s are achieved as it often has done in other industries.

As the cost of these panels continues to decline and the technology continues to improve, both in collection and storage capacity, the use of solar could become an even more attractive option.

I was once told that you ‘don’t turn off your engines when driving through a storm’, and I guess the industry will find out soon enough which companies are brave enough to drive on through and more importantly, stay visable above the looming storm clouds.

So if you happen to be involved in solar or any of the renewable energy industries, and you want to increase your visibility and be seen by your customers, you can register your business, event or association on the new World Of Renewables Directory today.

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