New Generation Biofuels Announces collaboration agreement with Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S (BWE)

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The two companies believe there are substantial mutual benefits that can arise from the collaborations.

Columbia, Maryland []

New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqCM: NGBF) (“NGBF” or the “Company”), a renewable biofuels technology company, and Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S (“BWE”) an engineering organization located in Lyngby, Denmark announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperatively expand the use of NGBF’s leading renewable biofuels technology with BWE’s engineering expertise in power generation and green renewable applications. The two companies believe there are substantial mutual benefits that can arise from the collaborations of BWE’s expertise in combustion systems and NGBF’s biofuel production know how and proprietary technology. The companies intend to explore business opportunities to provide renewable energy solutions to BWE’s existing customers.

“New Generation Biofuels has a unique high performing renewable biofuel technology that we feel distinguishes itself in emissions reductions and ease of use,” stated Paolo Danesi, Vice President for Sales at BWE. “We are energized by the potential and opportunities to utilize NGBF’s biofuel technology in many energy applications, including but certainly not limited to power generation. Our engineering capabilities and experiences along with NGBF’s technology will be a powerful combination for addressing the needs of customers across the globe.”

“We are excited to work with BWE. They have a great reputation, they are innovative, and they have experience in many areas of interest for us in a multitude of applications,” commented Cary J. Claiborne, CEO of NGBF. “We admire BWE’s expertise and international presence. It is no coincidence that BWE is headquartered in Denmark, recognized as being on the leading edge of renewable energy utilization globally. We look forward to working together to improve the environmental profiles of our customers in many areas such as co-firing with coal and to demonstrate NGBF technology as a high performing cost effective renewable liquid biomass solution for the challenges our customers face today and will face in the future.”

About New Generation Biofuels, Holdings, Inc.

New Generation Biofuels is a renewable fuels provider. New Generation Biofuels holds an exclusive license for North America, Central America and the Caribbean to commercialize proprietary technology to manufacture alternative biofuels from plant oils and animal fats that it markets as a new class of biofuel for power generation, commercial and industrial heating and marine use. The Company believes that its proprietary biofuel can provide a lower cost, renewable alternative energy source with significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels. New Generation Biofuels’ business model calls for establishing direct sales from manufacturing plants that it may purchase or build and sublicensing its technology to qualified licensees.

About Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S (BWE)

Since 1852, Burmeister & Wain has supplied steam generating plants for industry and power stations. It is thus the oldest manufacturer of steam boilers in the world. BWE is an international Hi-Tech company which has specialized in design of Ultra Super Critical (USC) steam boilers for utility power stations. Our USC boiler plant technology is one of the most advanced and efficient fossil fuel combustion technologies available today. BWE can supply complete boiler islands including Air Pre-Heaters, burners, deNOx etc. – either as flange–to–flange components or on turnkey basis. BWE is therefore your world leading partner in the Clean Coal Technology. BWE offers a wide range of boiler upgrades to improve performance, lifetime extension projects and emission reduction installations for existing power plants to bring them in line with current regulations. The extensive know-how gathered by the company has created the solid foundation for the continued development of the BWE products – to the benefit of customers around the world. In 2002 BWE became member of the Italian STF S.p.A. Group.

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