New bio-fuel shows excellent potential for stationary power applications

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The fuel, Hycadiesel, has been developed using Hycagen's enzyme fuel generation process.

Cambridge, UK

Cambridge-based generator manufacturer Telgenco has completed its first stage testing with a new biofuel developed by another Cambridge company, Hycagen Ltd.

The fuel, Hycadiesel, has been developed using Hycagen’s enzyme fuel generation process. “Our first stage testing at a variety of concentrations up to 100% shows that the fuel performs exactly as predicted” said Telgenco CEO Simon Albury. Hycagen CEO Dr Alan D Roth said “We have developed Hycadiesel specifically to offer an engineered biofuel with enhanced properties to address a range of markets including the fixed power one”.

“Biofuel is a key part of Telgenco’s long term renewables strategy and the Hycagen product addresses some of the problems with traditional Biodiesel, which means it could be used as a viable drop-in replacement for conventional diesel. Our long term testing will be concluded early next year” said Mr Albury.

Hycagen was founded in 2008 and has developed a number of fuels using its proprietary enzyme and catalyst based processes. Hycadiesel is an improved biodiesel composition that utilises both triglyceride and carbohydrate derived feedstocks. It has improved low-temperature properties compared with conventional biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters), yet the process for its manufacture is extremely simple.

A hyper-stabilised reusable enzyme catalyst assimilates the combined feedstocks into the Hycadiesel generating no waste. The only processing step required after the reaction is filtration of the catalyst. The Hycagen solution therefore completely circumvents the issues of glycerol waste, use of caustic alkali, the recycling of methanol and the product wash steps needed with the conventional biodiesel process.

About Telgenco

Telgenco is a subsidiary of Pasmarine Limited and develops and markets generators and generator management systems for telecom operators. Telgenco’s generator management system is also able to control and monitor a wide range of renewable power systems including wind and solar based solutions. For more information visit

About Hycagen

Hycagen Limited is an emerging bioenergy company aiming to lead innovation for renewable fuels and chemicals by applying a unique combination of enzyme science and chemistry. Our product range includes Hycadiesel – a superior alternative to conventional biodiesel – advanced novel fuels for the biogasoline and biojetfuel markets and a developing variety of green chemicals. For more information visit

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